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Scottish Chess Blitz Championship
Thanks for all the amazing input. If I get the venue confirmed before Thursday that would be great Alan! In terms of cheap accommodation, my idea is that players could be put up in Pollock Halls - Edinburgh Uni's halls of residence. I think I can book a handful of rooms at a discount since I'm a student there so that would be quite reasonable...
Lots of people will want a shot at a super-GM. Very impressive that you managed to persuade him to come over Jonathan! =)

I'd be interested in playing.

If I were you I'd make your price so that 100 players breaks even (unless you have sponsorship or are willing to take a hit yourself), and base your entry fee on that. Anything over that you can treat as a bonus, but it would be optimistic to rely on it imo.
I can now confirm the venue as being Surgeons' Hall, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh. The venue is extremely nice and in a great location - only 10 minutes walk from Waverley.

All details can now be found on the website.

There will be a maximum of 100 entrants that can be accommodated in the hall - so that is the maximum level of entries I can take (unless enough interest is shown and another hall can be booked).

I have priced the basic entry fee at £30, with £4 reduction for Juniors/Students, and a £2 reduction for CS Members.

Although this may be more than previously paid for a one-day event, I feel that it is a fee worth paying - Arkadij Naiditsch has 100% confirmed his attendance.

Please visit <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.scottishblitz.com">www.scottishblitz.com</a><!-- w --> to register for the tournament.

Congratulations in dealing with the venue issue so quickly! I must admit I don't know Edinburgh very well at all but anywhere within 10 mins walk of Waverley station is a good location. I think you are being realistic at aiming for 100 competitors max.

What will the time controls be? Big Grin
Time controls will be 3 minutes + 2 seconds. (long enough to have a good game, short enough to time Naiditsch Big Grin)

Was going to be 5+2 but there's not enough time to fit 11 rounds in if that was the case.

You have obviously put a huge amount of thought and effort into this venture. It's time to be rewarded. I want to book ten seats for juniors at this event and I am paying. Let's call it £250 for cash. If anyone wishes to donate something towards this offer of mine my email is on the front page junior selection link. Jonathan deserves support for this incredibly exciting event and I hope I am not the last to give it.

Jonathan Edwards Wrote:...short enough to time Naiditsch Big Grin)

:U It's not! Sad ... for me anyway! lol

Incidentally - fantastic offer from Robin. Big Grin

Thanks for the extremely generous offer.

Of course, I will gladly accept £250 for 10 juniors entering and reserve the 10 spots for you.
Thanks again for supporting the event.

Update for the event: We now have a lucrative sponsor in Skyscanner.net

This is absolutely first-class work. I'll make every effort to play in this!

I can't offer Mr. Naiditsch anywhere to stay, but I'll buy him a pint.

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