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Scottish Chess Blitz Championship - Jonathan Edwards - 27-02-2012

Hi everyone!

I'm currently in the process of organising the 1st FIDE-rated Scottish Blitz. Although it's still in the early stages, I can confirm that after discussions Arkadij Naiditsch (2702) has now confirmed that he will play in the one-day event. The 12 round tournament will be an open with grading prizes at 3 levels.

The event is due to be held on 16th June (16.06.2012) but we're still searching for a venue. Details can be found on the website at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> with many details to be confirmed and addressed.

I now need to prepare a budget and I've decided to ask all of you for your input with regards to entry fees.

So please vote, and importantly if you could comment with any ideas or feedback that would be great!

Many thanks


Re: Scottish Chess Blitz Championship - robin moore - 27-02-2012


The very best of luck on this venture. Every new tournament on the calender is important and I would encourage everyone to support it. The venue is a problem though. If you haven't identified and agreed terms for one, it is obviously very difficult for players to support it financially. You would be well advised to tackle the venue issue as a top priority asap. This brings you to the chicken and egg many players am I expecting and how big a venue do I need to hire? If you hire a venue too small you are kicking yourself when the entries flood in (often the day before). If you go for something too big and expensive the costs could be painful, very painful. Hope you can resolve this issue in the very near future.


Re: Scottish Chess Blitz Championship - Jonathan Edwards - 27-02-2012

Thanks for this Robin. I totally agree with what you're saying about the venue issue. Although, I'm not asking for entries yet.. I'm just asking for a rough idea of what people are willing to pay for a one-day event with a fun twist, but with high quality players.

The venue is almost confirmed and it will be in Edinburgh. I'm going to publish those details later this week (hopefully!).

Re: Scottish Chess Blitz Championship - Alan Tate - 28-02-2012


First of all can you clarify the circumstances of Naiditsch's participation? I just checked and it's not April Fool's Day. If you are getting a top player like that in then the prize fund should be dictated by what it takes to get a 2700 to play?

This has the potential to be one of the biggest events on the Scottish calendar so I would say big entry fee (min. £30) and big prize money. Like Robin says though the question is how many entries do you want/will you get. Are people interested?

Re: Scottish Chess Blitz Championship - Jonathan Edwards - 28-02-2012


I originally spoke to Arkadij regarding Chess Evolution sponsoring the event. I managed to negotiate an offer of £1,500 - however, that was given a prize fund of £6,000. Unfortunately, I couldn't manage to achieve sponsorship of anywhere near that he was offering so had to sadly decline his offer. He has been amazingly supportive and initially asked what conditions I could offer for him playing. Of course, I could offer nothing but travel costs and accommodation for one night so I just assume he would say no. He agreed to this and on the basis that I build a strong tournament he will be willing to participate and that I can put his name on the entry list.

I have tried everywhere for sponsorship, but simply can't get it. I have a venue in mind in Edinburgh so all I need now is to decide on an entry fee and prize fund to aim for.

I was originally aiming for 150-200 players participating (which I think is more than achievable with Naiditsch playing) and a first prize of £700-800 which would be extremely reasonable for a one-day blitz event. But, I've been told that this aim is unreasonable and that I should aim for less than 100 with it being a one-day event.

Any thoughts? This is my first running of a tournament so any help would be appreciated massively.


Re: Scottish Chess Blitz Championship - Graham Kerr - 28-02-2012

Alan Tate Wrote:Jonathan,

This has the potential to be one of the biggest events on the Scottish calendar so I would say big entry fee (min. £30) and big prize money.

Couldn't agree more

Re: Scottish Chess Blitz Championship - Graham Kerr - 28-02-2012

sounds like a great idea, jonathan, though istr this kinda thing was once part of 'scottish week'.
i too think your estimate of 150-200 is a little high, but i'd like to think there'd be more than 100.
You might want to sound out andrew mcharg or dave marshall who have recently TDed the lothians at wester hailes. i don't know how it compares with your candidate venues, but i do believe it has the flexibility to give extra space if it's needed

attracting top players to our tourneys seems to be coming a habit. is there a pattern forming?

Re: Scottish Chess Blitz Championship - Alan Tate - 28-02-2012

In my opinion you should market it as an international event. Blitz is a very specialist area and I reckon there are more than a few sharks from abroad who would make the trip if the prizes were high enough. Also Edinburgh is expensive, perhaps you have friends who could offer cheap accommodation?

Off the top of my head one foreign player who may be interested is Mr. Sulskis (who is playing in Prestwick) and pretty sure I could get more. The more strong players you get, the more players you get.

200 players does seem a little ambitious though. Many 9 round opens struggle to get 100. Still, I would think you could get 100+ players.

Bear in mind I have never organised a chess tournament, there are others who are probably better placed to offer advice.

If you can get entry forms made up by Thursday I will take some to Cappelle if you want.

Re: Scottish Chess Blitz Championship - Graham Kerr - 28-02-2012

Alan Tate Wrote:... I will take some to Cappelle if you want.
nice one! we might need a stadium ;P

Re: Scottish Chess Blitz Championship - George Murphy - 28-02-2012

This seems to be a very commendable initiative, if a little rough at the edges. The helpful responses by Alan Tate and Robin Moore demonstrate its attractiveness. Perhaps you should also consult 'experts' like Adam Raouf in England and Jacob Aagard to see if they can offer advice. Quality Chess (i.e. Jacob) is linked to Mr Naiditsch and might be willing to assist however they can - ideas and background knowledge perhaps - though it might be better to make such approaches in private rather than through an open site like this.

Ideas are only the first - essential - step, but there needs to be a period of gestation if still birth is to be avoided.

Have you approached Alex Macfarlane or Lara Barnes yet? They are our specialist organisers surely?

I certainly wish you well, but would 100 players @ £30.00 be adequate? If not, charge more. Our quality players would surely jump at a chance like this.

Sorry if this sounds more like a homily than encouragement. Good luck.