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The answer to your question as to the provision of clocks, is that our players provide them.
DGT who supply the clocks for FIDE do not make a clock that can be used by the blind.
They were approached, but they wanted 25000 Euros just to develop the prototype!! Our Friends from Spain developed the clock I use.

By the way It does not matter if the event is organised by CS or not, it does not alter the fact that FIDE conditions would apply in any case

What would you do if the blind/visually impaired player did not have the appropriate equipment ?
Thanks Steve, I was curious if FIDE had them or not.

You did say in your posts, Chess Scotland events, I was just pointing out that SNCL is not a CS event.

What would we do if they did not have their kit with them. Looking at the FIDE example what would they do in that case? (I am shocked that FIDE don't supply the equipment). If it is just the clock they have forgotten we can get round that easily. If they have forgotten their board, there is little we can do. We don't have braille boards
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