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SNCL - Glynis Grant - 08-09-2016

Hi Folks,

Yes forms should be out, however, EE and BT have mucked up my transfer of home phone and broadband so I can't get on internet. Typing this at school between classes.

Main points fee £100 Venue Carnegie Conference Campus Date Last Sunday in October (30th??)

Let me know on noticeboard if you are sending teams and I'll formally get stuff out as soon as I can


Pay fee on day before play

Re: SNCL - Glynis Grant - 22-09-2016

Forms etc are hotfooting their way to the webmaster and membership secretary as we speak. They should be available very soon on the calander and hopefully all clubs will get an emailed copy to them. If for any reason you don't have one I'm thinking Thistles team please email me <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> and I'll send you one.

Re: SNCL - Andy Howie - 27-09-2016

Forms are all here 15 entries so far. The quicker people enter, the quicker I can get the fixtures out

Re: SNCL - Andy Howie - 01-10-2016

Teams from last year still to enter (Will update this as they enter). Fixtures will be available as Divisions confirm

Giffnock & Clarkston

38 entries so far. Venue should hold 40 teams comfortably

Re: SNCL - StevieHilton - 02-10-2016

Inverclyde will be playing

Re: SNCL - Andy Howie - 06-10-2016

Confirmed so far

Div 1 - 8 teams
Div 2 - 8 teams
Div 3 - 8 teams
Div 4 - 7 teams
Div 5 - 8 teams

I am set up to confirm fixtures as soon as the Divisions above have confirmed (I can't publish Div 2 fixtures for example until Div 1 have confirmed). As soon as teams have confirmed the fixtures will be out and will be on this season

Re: SNCL - Andy Howie - 16-10-2016

I have been away working this week and just updated the list. If Giffnock, Edinburgh West and SCDAD confirm, we will have 40 teams this year for the first time!

Can the three teams please let me know asap of their intentions as they are now holding up the fixtures. If I have heard nothing, I am going to assume you are not entering this year and move teams up divisions accordingly

Re: SNCL - Glynis Grant - 16-10-2016

If these three teams sent their entries to my school email I apologise for not getting it. Fife is on two weeks hols. PLEASE email Andy with your entries ASAP

Magic Forty how wonderful. It has been an honour to be involved in the growth of this league. We have proven to be welcoming, fun, full of diversity and inclusive to all.

Looking forward to another great year

Re: SNCL - Martin Robinson - 16-10-2016


Apologies: I sent Edinburgh West's entry on the 7th October - I didn't twig Fife schools were on holiday. Entry now forwarded to Andy H.


Re: SNCL - Andy McCulloch - 18-10-2016

The Giffnock and Clarkston entry was submitted at 21.19 on October 1st to the same address I used last season, <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->.

This weekend I was in Crewe, losing badly, and unaware that the Giffnock entry had not been received. I hope that our entry will be accepted.