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Tom Brown
Hi all
The latest news is that the police have searched all possible areas that Tom could have been found alive but he has not been found. The most possible explanation at this point is that Tom Has been caught by the deep fast flowing river close to where his rucksack had been found. It looks like there is no happy ending here as they say…

I have been given the cheque books etc pertaining to the Lanarkshire Chess League. In the short term I have asked Bernard Airlie to look over and sort it the necessary details so that we can run the Lanarkshire AGM. Please bear with me over the next few weeks and I will arrange an AGM so that we can conclude this year
That's terrible news Ian.
Hi Guys
There is still no official news about Tom. However his sister Marjorie has informed me that there is going to be a memorial service for Tom on Saturday 24th October 11.30 am in celebration of Tom's life. I would like to see as many of Tom's friends as possible at the service. Lanark Chess Club will also be having a fundraising event on our last December meeting in order to raise funds for the Lochaber Mountain Rescue team who did so much to try and find Tom. If anyone would like further details for either event, then please contact me
Very sorry to hear this news thoughts are with Tom's family. I will make a donation when you hold the fund raising event
The memorial service for Tom already mentioned will be at St Nicholas Church Saturday 24th October at 11.30 am. Anyone who requires any further details please contact me

from Marjorie Tom's sister
Dear Friends of Tom,

I have not had any news from Fort William Police Force with regards to searching for
Tom's body for over a month now. I understand that I shall not hear anything more unless
by chance Tom's body is found. If a widespread search takes place in the same area for
another missing person, then there is a chance Tom might be found and I would let you know.

A number of you thought that you might be able to attend a service in Lanark to celebrate
Tom's life and so I am attaching a map of Lanark to help you find St Nicholas Church, where
the service will take place at 11.30am on the 24 October. Afterwards we will be at the Woodpecker',
where we hope you can join the family for a light buffet lunch and chat afterwards.

PARKING: There are many small car parks clustered round the town centre and shown on the map.
Most are free. There is a giant Tesco's car park off North Vennel, which has plenty of
spaces usually, and while designed for shoppers seems to have no time restrictions, but do check.

I am sure Tom would not want a fuss -- so no need for you to wear anything sombre.
"Just come as you are", was one of Tom's favourite quotes from the Rev. Freddie Salter of Glenmore.
If any of you are able to return with us to Tom's house at 147 St Leonard Street for a cup of tea/coffee
in the afternoon you will be very welcome. (The function room at 'The Woodpecker' is required
from 3pm onwards, so we have to be out by then.)

Kind regards,

Marjorie Ballantine

If anyone requires any further details please let me know, thank you all for your kind words and thoughts

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