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I am posting this to save Ian having to keep answering mails on it. The following is a link to a news report <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... s-33458203</a><!-- m -->

This is Tom Brown of Lanark Chess Club and we are all hoping and praying that he is found safe and well
just to say if anyone has any information about Tom's plans please let me know and i'll pass it on to the police at Fort William. Any information would be most helpful
Lochaber Mountain Rescue have posted the following

"The search for the missing person in Glen Nevis continues with the team now having been out 3 days in a row searching Glen Nevis and the River Nevis. The missing person is 65 yr old Tom Brown from Lanarkshire and he has not been seen since Thursday 2nd July at the Glen Nevis Youth Hostel. His Rucksack may have been seen in location it was found on the evening of the 3rd July at a point about 1 km east of Old Steall. If you were in the Glen Nevis area and saw Tom on the day could you contact Fort William Police on 101. His picture is posted below.
Unfortunately Tom is the second person to have gone missing in this general area as Eric Cyl who went missing on 30th of May.
Any information would assist."
Very nice guy. Hope he's OK.
I only knew Tom in passing but my wife, a fellow Librarian, knew him in a professional capacity. Shocked to hear the news as is everyone. Still hoping for a positive outcome but after all this time it doesn't look good.
just off the phone to Marjory (Tom's sister) They are going to do a full search over the weekend using a helicopter and dogs. Although a rucksack was found with some damp clothesin it, the tent is missing so we're all hoping Tom is with his tent somewhere. I feel the tent is a major clue. Tom well planned this trip with a particular good tent and i'm sure he is well provisioned. I will keep you informed
Hi Guys
It’s not looking promising on the search for Tom. Nothing more was found at the weekend despite a huge turnout by the Lochnaber Mountain Rescue Team using their resources such as dogs etc. The coastguard were unable to use their helicopter due to the bad weather. Tom’s tent was also found in his rucksack. If I hear anything else I'll let you all know

Are they continuing to search? This is terrible.
yes Arthur but they have to scale down as they are all volunteers

I know that hopes are fading but if there's a search at the weekend let me know
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