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Toilet Chess
Andy your grading chart on FIDE chart looks like a jump from a plateau around 2200 to a plateau around 2280. As we know the FM title achieved for the first instantaneous grade above 2300. We all know and appreciate how much hard work and dedication (5 months in Eastern Europe) it took.

The graph for GM Nigalidze shows a jump of 198 points in a similar timescale. Graph was basically flat before and basically flat afterwards.
All very interesting but not strong enough evidence to describe as being more than suspicious. Hence worth extra investigation. I assume that FIDE will actually do so since they have an investigation already running.

In that respect comparison of Nigiladze's games before and after his sudden jump might be illuminating. Especially if the anti-cheating software I read about somewhere a few months ago is now available (and properly commissioned).

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