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Freedom of Speech
Adam Bremner Wrote:This sort of thing goes on all the time in football. Look at all the players championship sides draft in when they get promoted, all because the manager is trying to do his best for the club and fans. No matter how much they contributed or how well they are liked, if Messi is available, he gets in the team, and it is nothing personal. It is harsh on the guys who won the promotion yes, but there are two ways to go. Either you are happy to remain as a fringe player with the respect of your colleagues and fans, and play some games for the reserve team, or you want better games so transfer to a club who likes what they see.

In chess, the fans are the average club members and the manager is the team captain. As a player, you are left with essentially the same two options. I am sure there are teams who would be happy of an extra player, unfortunately they probably won't pay you £40k a week.
I have opted for a third option, and have resigned from Cumbernauld Chess Club. I could rant and rave a little, but feel that I have done enough of that already and hey I would not like to make Cumbernauld chess club look bad in a national forum of their peers.

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