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Freedom of Speech
David Deary Wrote:My point was, don't you have a private forum?
None of our forums are private.
David Deary Wrote:Deleting a topic because it looks bad in public is easily resolved by making it private. It would also never have led to this thread being created and ending up with a wider audience.
He's not banned from the forum, he was perfectly entitled to repost after speaking
with the team captain. I could perhaps have explained this better to him.
David Deary Wrote:As a captain myself, I would have informed the player of my decision and the reasons rather than have George (the player) approach me. Surely, thats just common decency? :\
Common decency imoh would be to approach the person you are annoyed at
in the first instance rather than mouthing off in a forum.
Perhaps the team captain did explain to George his decision
that resulted in him being upset, like I have said selection's at the team captain's discretion.
ronniewallace Wrote:The only person/entity that looks bad from this topic is Cumbernauld CC.
Deleting the topic on the Cumbernauld forum was the wrong decision in my view and has led to this PR disaster.
No denying this!
Apart from I stand by my decision as forum moderator to delete his post.

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