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Richardson 2012-13
Jim Webster Wrote:
Quote:From the rules
12 In the event of an appeal against a decision by the Arbiter, the case shall be referred to the Arbiters' Committee whose decision shall be final. The club's claim must be accompanied by a £20 fee, refundable at the discretion of the committee. The Director of Home Chess shall have the power to alter or modify the foregoing rules in such manner as he may think necessary.

Andy Burnett may not like the little bit hidden away in rule 12, but equally it is the Home Director who is empowered make rule changes - and isn't that post currently vacant? So no-one is currently able to change the rules, I think!

Why would I not like it Jim? I'm not following you there - it is Andy Muir who would like the rules to be completely different to what they are.

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