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Scottish Council election - Hamilton players
Andrew McHarg Wrote:
Derek Howie Wrote:
Andrew McHarg Wrote:Ironically I think unionist Rangers fans are far more anti-English than any nationalists are.
In what way are Rangers supporters anti-English?

That's the most ridiculous thing said on this thread and that's saying something!

Andrew McHarg Wrote:That's the point I was making, they aren't particularly anti-English, but are far more so than the SNP are.

Sorry, but that's still ridiculous.

Andrew McHarg Wrote:My viewpoint being based on the fact that almost every Rangers supporter I know wants England to lose every international football match they play, yet I want England to win generally speaking (unless they are playing against Scotland). Big Grin

Firstly, being anti-English and wanting the English football team to lose are two totally different things.

Secondly, are you really basing your opinion on a sample size of SNP supporters of one? Big Grin

Thirdly, I know lots of Scottish Rangers fans who are ambivalent when it comes to the Scottish national team and I know lots who want England to win (with the same proviso as you). I am only aware of one SNP supporter (you) who is happy to support the English football team, although I'm sure that there may be a few more.

The main conclusions I'd come to are that it's wrong to generalise and it's best to keep party politics away from chess. 8)

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