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AGM proposals
amuir Wrote:
robin moore Wrote:Andy Muir,

Proposals 2 and 5 are already part of the ChessScotland constitution.

Proposal 3- Matt has made his position clear on being considered for selection on numerous occasions.

Proposal 4- Are you suggesting there should not be a selection committee?

Proposal 6 is totally impractical.

Proposal 7- What training? Are ChessScotland funding it?

Robin , constitution was rejected.
Although Matt made his position clear, CS have not.
The selection committee & selections should be made by ID not overseer.
It is not impractical to move Scottish.
CS pay thousands of pounds each year into junior training.

Anyway if these are not seconded I am happy for Jacob to win the Scottish, incompetent directors not turning up for meetings, selections made by overseer and Glorney team never to win.

Can someone second these please ?

Reference your statement above that CS pay thousands per year into junior coaching. If you meant by this the costs of getting coaches to attend international events then you statement looks to be 100 % correct. And there is nothing wrong with spending budget for that purpose. I see no controversy.

Your original statement on the topic was

"Our top juniors, having received training, are expected to play in the Glornry cup each year"

The top juniors as I understand have on line coaches with the costs paid for by their parents. With coaches allocated to pupils by CS

It seems reasonable to me that a consequence of joining this elite training programme should be that these players are expected to endeavour to make themselves available for international events.

I seeing nothing controversial in this either. Other opinions and conclusions may be are equally valid though

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