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Dinosaur Chess in Schools
I have reported this apparently dead link more than once over the last year or so with no response from CS or more importantly change at the relevant CS schools webpage.

Because of the nature of these things, it is far less immediately important (indeed, it is far from easy to do this to useful effect at all in a voluntary organisation) for anyone in CS to attempt to track who may or may not have set up the Scottish school licensed DinoChess facility - which is not just free and comes with software enabling use on school white boards but is also Scottish-designed and an absolutely first-class teaching and self-learning tool for kids of all ages (including one ancient IM Dinosaur ... me!) - than to ensure that the link at the CS schools webpage actually works and provides appropriate information about obtaining the product.

I do hope that someone at CS now can spend some time tracking down Tom Hay and getting back all the information, including any remaining spare copies of software, assuming that he no longer wishes to act on this (and to thank him), so that the link and the facility can be meaningfully restored in a way that helps schools who may have tried to access it (and, horrible thought) may simply have given up on progressing the matter, when (like me, more than once) they got "nothing".

Dino Chess is still used in at least some schools, e.g. in Borders Region, and by the pioneer in its use in so many useful ways (primary teacher and former CS junior Director), Donna Officer.

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