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Girls Championship
It would also have benefited from a couple of pictures and perhaps even mention that we had a new girls' champion. Monica (and prior to that her sister) have performed (and continue to perform) extremely well, so it is no minor detail that someone finally bettered her. Similarly the odd congratulation might have been nice.
There is this notion of "celebrating success", encouraging people (especially juniors), timely recognition - stuff they teach you in leadership school.

By the same token, Monica's Booth award is a bit lost in the detail of the report/posting.

Sorry, I just feel we should do better than this.
Many thanks to Andy (Burnett) for ensuring Rachel got a mention, game and picture (which I took, and supplied myself) in this month's magazine, re the Girl's championship this year. I won't say more than that - no point in repeating myself.
(30-03-2017, 11:12 AM)harrymarron Wrote: Lathallan is a lovely venue, however 18 participants in total over the 3 events is a miserable attendance for a National Championships. Perhaps this needs to be looked at

Something is clearly wrong and maybe it's more than the venue alone!

Harry, when the event was taken up to the North East it was said that it would be there for two years then moved to another area to move it around to give more people access to it. I'm guessing that a new venue or volunteers to run it have not been found

Lathallan are terrific and we're very lucky to have their support - I get that.

Equally, for those of us some distance from this remote east coast location, it's an extensive, expensive and incredibly inconvenient time and location.
The agreement - so many years ago now - was that this would later be rotated somewhere more central. In all the organisational chaos of the last few years, that's obviously been forgotten.

Perhaps we could revisit the topic please. Surely it's time this was relocated somewhere more central. It can't be fair that west coast children (and their families)  are routinely disadvantaged like this and carry the costs disproportionately year after year. And, perhaps we could give consideration to a Sunday.
I could be wrong, but I think Rachel might be the only girl in recent history to hold both Scottish Girls' titles (Girls Championship and Scottish Championship) concurrently - and for two years.
Rachel has just won the Scottish Girl's Championship again this year - I think that's the 3rd consecutive win, and similarly she's also won the Scottish Championship Girls title consecutively for about the same about of time. As far as I'm aware, that's probably a unique achievement.
During the Glorney she was also the squad winner for the girls team.

This is her Higher year (where she's also doing an Advanced Higher a year early, as well as progressing her Piano performance diploma in her spare time), so chess hasn't been her first priority. Nevertheless, she's clearly still got it.
Great achievement for Rachel! You must be very proud Peter.

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