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Girls Championship - PeterReidSmith - 15-03-2017

...seems like it should maybe be/have a topic.

Re: Girls Championship - PeterReidSmith - 20-03-2017

It's been more than a week...geez.

Rachel won.

Re: Girls Championship - harrymarron - 21-03-2017

Nice :-)

Re: Girls Championship - PeterReidSmith - 23-03-2017

Oh for heavens sake, it's been two weeks - can we have something on the homepage please.

Re: Girls Championship - harrymarron - 23-03-2017

Nothing about the Schools' Championship either?

If you're going to do a thing you should do it properly!

Re: Girls Championship - PeterReidSmith - 29-03-2017

Is it just me, or is there something fundamentally wrong when a 14 year old can become a new Scottish Girls champion, jump (yet another) c.300 points in a year, stroll past almost all of her male peers and not get so much as a nod even 3 weeks after the event.

It's just all a bit broken really. :bash:

Re: Girls Championship - JMcNicoll - 30-03-2017

Peter, it's been on the front page since the 25th.

Re: Girls Championship - harrymarron - 30-03-2017

Lathallan is a lovely venue, however 18 participants in total over the 3 events is a miserable attendance for a National Championships. Perhaps this needs to be looked at

Something is clearly wrong and maybe it's more than the venue alone!

Re: Girls Championship - jwilson - 31-03-2017

The main reason my daughter didn't go this year (we went last year) was that the Scottish Schools Championship was the next day and on our doorstep. I thought that the two events in one weekend, with the travel making the Saturday a very long day, would be too much for her.

Re: Girls Championship - andyburnett - 31-03-2017

I would appreciate some pics for the magazine if anyone knows who was running the show? The report doesn't say Smile

As for Peter's point about the results and excellent showings not being publicised, unfortunately the report was submerged almost immediately on the front page by other news and long-running posts - I missed it completely until it was pointed out - is there a way around this? A different colour for new, new posts? (Although I'm colour-blind Big Grin )

All the best,
Andy Burnett