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Standards Committee

At the Special General Meeting of Chess Scotland held on 16 August 2009, the following amendment (addition) to the Chess Scotland Constitution, together with the appended “Operating Procedures which are referred to in the said amendment were approved.

Publication of a change in the operating procedures were updated on September 9, 2012. A further revision was compiled by the Standards Committee and approved at the AGM held on 24 August 2013.

    16. Standards Committee

    16.1 A Standards Committee shall be formed which shall be responsible for promulgating and enforcing relevant ethical standards. The Chair and Members of the Standards Committee shall be appointed, normally for a three- year (renewable) term, by a General Meeting. The Committee shall establish its own Operating Procedures, subject only to approval by a General Meeting.

    16.2 An Appeals Board shall be formed which shall be responsible for hearing any appeals against the judgements of the Standards Committee. The Convenor of the Appeals Board shall be appointed, normally for a three-year (renewable) term, by a General Meeting. The Convenor shall not be a Director of Chess Scotland. The Convenor shall co-opt at least two others to serve on the Appeals Board, who shall similarly not be Directors of Chess Scotland.

    Proposed by: Trevor Davies

    Seconded by: Steve Mannion(Snr) & Ken Stewart


Operating Procedures and Background (updated 24 August 2013)

The Standards Code

Cover Sheet (PDF) or Cover Sheet (Word) to accompany each complaint

How to Complain - Guidance Notes

Current Chairman

Standards Committee Transparency - Questions & Answers


Revised Report to 2012 AGM

Report to 2013 AGM

Report to 2014 AGM


Committee Meeting 20 October 2012

Committee Meeting 27 January 2013

Committee Meeting 19 October 2013

Committee Meeting 8 April 2015

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