This is meant to be a point of reference regarding Scottish chess trophies of all types; championships, team competitions, league, club and regional competitions.

Shortly before he retired as Treasurer for Chess Scotland, 'Mac' McKenzie was attempting to compile a list of trophies, mainly to confirm their whereabouts - because some appear to have been 'lost' - but also to have a better record of their history.

This information has been compiled from various sources, and simply seeks to record any references to any trophies. The sources of information may not necessarily be the earliest reference.

Club secretaries, or others, may wish to contribute additional details to make the list as comprehensive as possible.

Scottish Chess Association [now Chess Scotland]

Scottish Ladies' Chess Association [formed 1905, later amalgamated with SCA]

Scottish Ladies' Championship Trophy - In possession of Ken Stewart.

Scottish Open was there a trophy for this?

Richardson Cup

Robertson Challenge Cup - In possession of Ken Stewart (CS Council Meeting, March 22 2009)

The Scotsman, Friday, 29 March, 1907, p4.

'In remembrance of the late Miss Isabella Scott Robertson, the first honorary president of the Scottish Ladies' Chess Association, a handsome silver cup of Irish design has been presented fior the annual inter competition of the various ladies' chess clubs affiliated to the Association. This challenge cup will be competed for by the Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Stirling Ladies' Chess Clubs on Saturday, 6th April, and. it is expected will prove one of the most interestring events of the chess congress about to be held in Edinburgh. The late Miss Robertson, herself a good player and keen supporter of the game, was the daughter of the late Lord Benholm, to whose early training in chess she owed much of her success.'

The Robertson Cup is in memory of Isabella Scott Robertson, first honorary president of the Scottish Ladies' Chess is competed for by the ladies' clubs of Scotland of which there are but two. Edinburgh Ladies won in 1909, 1912, 1920, 1921, 1923, 1925, 1927, 1928, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933. Glasgow Ladies' won in 1915, 1922, 1924, 1926, 1929, 1934, 1935, 1936. Glasgow Herald column, Dec 5, 1936, p9.

was won for the first time in 1909 by the EDINBURGH LADIES CHESS CLUB. It is a cup for teams of women and was played between this club and the GLASGOW LADIES CHESS CLUB until 1971. In 1972 the ladies of the Dundee mixed club took part in this team event and won the cup many times. Later the ladies of the Polytechnic (Glasgow), the Wandering Dragons (Edinburgh) and some other women’s teams of different clubs took part. In 1992 & 1997 the KESTRELS (women, mainly from Carrick) won it. In 2000 the KESTRELS won it jointly with the WANDERING DRAGONS. The competition is organized by the Scottish Chess Association

Scottish Boy's Championship

Spens Cup

West of Scotland Trophy
Original competition

Originally belonged tro Glasgow CC, as it organised the competition. Later, the SCA took over responsibility for the event. (When?)

P.B. Anderson Memorial Trophy

It is appropriate that this new trophy, which will perpetuate the memory of the former Scottish Champion, should take the form of an award for schools throughout Scotland, as P.B. Anderson did so much to encourage school chess clubs. The subscription list for the fund from which the trophy will be purchased remains open and the S.C.A. [Scottish Chess Association] treasurer, A.J. Shaw, will be delighted to receive further contributions.

The trophy, which will be awarded annually, will not be won by competition. Schools wishing to be considered will have to complete a questionaire which seeks information regarding the number of pupils in the club, the number of meetings per week, the local and national competitions entered by teams from the school, details of internal competitions etc. A short leet of four will be drawn up from the replies. Further enquiries will be made before the S.J.C.A. [Scottish Junior Chess Association] Council selects the winning school, based on its contribution to the junior chess scene throughout the season.

Scottish Chess, Nr. 37, February 1975, p. 11.

Ayrshire League

The Ayrshire League trophy [sometimes referred to as the Dunlop Trophy], presented to the Association last week by the donor, Mr Dunlop, Kilmarnock, is of unique design and beautiful appearance. On a mahogany base is a silver board, set with pieces forming a problem, while round the sides are silver panels for the winners’ names.

Glasgow Herald, chess column, 23 April 1932, p 7.

Bohemian CC

Championship Trophy
The Minute Book indicates that a police detective had passed on information to the club that the fiscal would not proceed with a charge. This suggests that there was some doubt about 'ownership'. Did the club own the cup, or was it the property of the person who won it? It is also shown that the pawnbroker stated that he was prepared to return the trophy to the club for £2 10s, but there is nothing in the notes to show that this was accepted.

The W.E. Brown that pawned it is not a name that I have come across in my historical researches. The Minute Book does record that there were problems with the club championship, in that entries were poor and games were not being played off in good time. Perhaps the club decided not to 'waste' the money recovering the cup.

Letters were sent to the 'culprit' and his uncle, in an effort to resolve the issue. Threats of legal action were made. I have search old Glasgow Herald issues for information, but so far without success.

Sent a note to the seller, who responded with information that they are bullion sellers, based in Hatton Gdns, London, and that they have no information about the provenance of the item. Instead of melting it down, they decided that it was of good enough quality (silver) to try to sell it on.

Branford Cup

Presented for annual competition to the Galloway Chess Association by the Rev Canon Branford, Newton-Stewart.

Glasgow Herald chess column, 7 May 1938.

Charles Hochfield Cup

For a handicap tournament at Glasgow Jewish Institute CC.

Glasgow Herald chess column, 25 June 1938.

Cranston Rosebowl

Presented by Sir Robert Cranston, Lord Provost of Edinburgh 1903-06, to the Scottish Ladies’ Chess Association in the year of its formation, 1905. On the amalgamation of this body with the Scottish Chess Association, the cup became the property of the SCA.  


The Cranston Rosebowl was played between representatives of Glasgow and Edinburgh Ladies' Chess Clubs (and Stirling Ladies' CC when it existed). It was run in club sections with the section winners meeting in the final.

The Edinburgh Ladies' CC closed in 1967. Glasgow Ladies' CC closed 1989.

'When it came to "any other business" it was pointed out that the Cranston Trophy was the property of the Edinburgh Ladies Chess Club and not, as might apear from the accounts, of the SCA.'

Scottish Chess No. 20, May-September 1966, p 6, from a report of the AGM of the SCA.

Ken Stewart is in possession of this trophy.

Dunlop Trophy
See Ayrshire League.

Dykes Memorial Cup

For the Schools Division of Edinburgh League. This Cup and a Quaich were provided by a fund, subscribed to by all League clubs, which amounted to the gratifying sum of £30. The meeting decided that the quaich would be made the trophy for an under 21 tourney to be run each year.'
(Refers to the AGM of the Edinburgh League, where the widow of RD Dykes made a presentation to the winners, George Watson's.)

Scottish Chess Nr. 7, April-June 1962, p 6.

Edinburgh League
See Dykes Memorial Cup

Galloway Championship
See Sheriff Skinner Cup

Galloway Chess Association
See Branford Cup.

Glasgow Boys' Championship [began 1954]

A trophy has been presented by Mr Fairhurst to the Glasgow Schools League for their annual Easter competition for the Glasgow Boys' championship, won from an entry of 48 last Easter by Derek R. Thomson, Kelvinside Academy....'

Glasgow Herald chess column, 5 December 1958.

Glasgow CC

The Macfarlane Cup, the oldest in the possession of the Club was presented by George Macfarlane in 1874 when he became Hon. President in room of Sheriff Henry Glassford Bell. For seventeen years to 1891 it was held by the Club Champions. In 1892 it became the first prize in the Minor Championship of the club and for two years 1908 and 1909 was offered as the trophy in an Intermediate Championship tournament. "Re-transferred to Minor, 1910" the "Macfarlane" has remained the keenly contested award in the Club Minor Championship tournament.

The Outram Cup. When in 1890 DE Outram, the Club's oldest member became Hon. President he made a gift to the Club of twenty pounds. After due consideration the Committee decided that the gift should take the form of a Cup to be competed for in the Championship class and in January 1892 that decision was given effect.
There being no space on the Cup itself for the names of winners these are engraved on silver bands fixed to the plinth and thus form a complete record of Club Champions for the years 1892 to 1939 (and now to 1992).

In possession of Ken Stewart, former member of Glasgow CC.

The Longwill Cup was originally the fourth West of Scotland Challenge Cup and presented according to the inscription thereon by Mr A Bonar Law. It was an exact replica of the Third Cup. Mr JR Longwill presently (1941) Hon President won the Cup outright in 1901 and eighteen years later presented it to the Club to encourage and develop the Gambit Tournament which was then struggling for recognition among Club competitions.

The Dickson Cup presented by Mr George Dickson, vice-President 1923-4 and President, 1925 "for the encouragement of players not in the first class" was for a time offered in a Reserves competition but became the Junior West of Scotland Championship Cup in 1933.

A History of Glasgow CC (unpublished).

Glasgow Central CC [formed 1860 - disbanded 1962]

Castle Shield – club championship
Hill Cup – Intermediate championship [Gerald Hill]
Dickson Cup – Minor championship [James Dickson]

Glasgow Herald, chess columns, 28 May 1932 and 12 June 1937.

Glasgow Ladies' CC [formed 1905 - disbanded 1989]

Margaret Gibb Cup - for the club championship. [Margaret Gibb]
McChlery Cup - second-class competition. [Mrs McChlery]
Lawrie Trophy (Mrs Lawrie's Casket) - third-class competition. [Mrs Lawrie]
Edington Cup - best league and cup scores. [Miss Edington]
Gibb Cup - handicap. [Miss E. Gibb]

Glasgow Herald chess columns, 5 May 1934 and 7 May 1938.

After the club finished in 1989 the three trophies in the club's possession - the McChlery Cup, the Lawrie Trophy and the Eddington Cup - were given to Kelvingrove/Glasgow Museums. It is not known what happened to the other two trophies; the Gibb Cup was won by Anne McGrory that year; she moved to the Middle East to get married and lost touch.

Information from Val Corbett, daughter of former club member Rose Shedden, in e-mail of 22 February 2017.

Glasgow League

A.K. Miller Trophy

Abel Klibanskie-Miller donated the A.K. Miller Cup to the the Glasgow League for a tournament which was run as a handicap knock-out.

but there was also one within the Jewish CC. (See Jewish CC yearbooks images.)

Scottish Chess Nr. 81, June 1984, p 18.

Jack Campbell Rosebowl

MacIsaac Trophy

National individual knock-out championship between club champions, or other club nominees.
D.M. MacIsaac died in February 1961. An obituary notice appeared in the next Scottish Chess and included the following information: 'To commemorate his service to Scottish Chess the new Champions' Tournament is to be known as the MacIsaac Tournament.'

Scottish Chess Nr. 3, Spring 1961, p 3.

Questions raised by Mac McKenzie re the MacIsaac Trophy:

In a picture in the Centenary Book [1984] I think it shows a cup on a plinth but the picture isn't all that clear. That was in 1984. Unfortunately the MacIsaac isn't one of the competions listed in the book. The cup now doesn't have a plinth. The names of all the winners are listed from 1975 to 2007...Is the current trophy a replacement for the original or wasn't there a trophy for this competition before 1975? Alternatively is it possible that pre-1975 winners were listed on the missing plinth and the cup is the original. If a replacement what happened to the original?

Nancy Elder Trophy

Polytechnic (Glasgow)

GH column, July 7 1939, p 9: obit on Mrs FF Thomson, mentions that "last winter presented the club with a valuable competition trophy."

Scotsman Trophy

1967/68 - first season.

Sheriff Skinner Cup

Awarded for the Galloway Championship.

Scottish Chess Nr. 4, July-September 1961, p 8.


Stirling CC