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Glorney and Faber 2015
Here are some thoughts on the team lists

Ireland are favourites for me, not least because they have the class act of the event in Conor O'Donnell. I think Scotland should look to beat Wales, overpowering them on the lower boards. England will considerable out-rate Scotland, whilst they lack any real superstars they bat all the way down and the Scottish top boards will need to take any opportunities in that one.

The Scots will start as underdogs here. I think the girls are considerably underrated, but I think the same can be said of the other teams too. The Welsh are a young and rapidly improving side and could well challenge England for the title. Scotland will have a decent chance against Ireland and over the course of three boards anything is possible in the other fixtures.

This seems like the most open tournament to me and I couldn't discount any of the four sides. A lot rests on the top two boards, Scotland's leading two seem (to me) to be the best in the competition and if they perform well then there is no reason why Scotland couldn't be victorious

The Stokes is something of an unknown quantity, but on the face of it looks tough for Scotland. England and Wales are both the highest rated and most experienced and could well contest the title. Scotland will be looking to a close match against the Irish, but the opposition are sure to be buoyed by local support.

I am looking forward to an exciting event in Dublin. I will endeavour to give some comments throughout the tournament, assuming we have Wifi.
any reason why some top scottish juniors not in glorney this year ?
The Ireland Stokes team may not be the strongest on paper of the four nations but they have a real class act on board 1 in Daniel Dwyer. He played in the U16 Olympiad at Hungary last year.
The boy on board 2, Muhtarim-ul Haque just had a 1793 performance in the Irish Intermediate Championship.
The rest of the team don't look as strong but could surprise. I am certain they will be well prepared.

As Matt says, Wales are producing a lot of rapidly improving girl players. They have three in their Stokes team which might be a first.
The President of Ireland officially opened the Glorney and Faber Cups tonight, azmairapashvili amongst others in attendance. The hotel is unbelievably lavish; I thought we might see the Irish put on a show but this is incredible. All the Scottish teams are black against England tomorrow, which is a key fixture in a lot of the groups. There are still a few scots to arrive from the Scottish, so hopefully they will have time to get fully rested for tomorrow's opener. It is Wales with white in the afternoon.

Any idea what live coverage may be available?
Quite a bit Big Grin Dave Clayton is there
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"
Brilliant! All the live boards and names for the four sections now being updated. Thanks Dave and everyone else helping out.
Good morning,

Ready for the off at Glorney Cup. All the very best to the Scotland team.

There will be live boards during the event.

Full details can be found at:

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Great picture of all the teams on the website! Best wishes to the Scotland squad and hope you all have a great time competing in this top event.
Not sure if these live boards are set right. I've been sent a photo with Lennart ready to play as black then Declan as white.

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