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Grangemouth Congress

Grangemouth Town Hall
September 10-12, 2010

by Donald Wilson

Premier (30 players):

1= Neil Berry (Edinburgh) 4/5
Stephen Burns-Mannion (Hamilton)
Andrew Green (Edinburgh)
(Neil won the trophy on tie-break)

Grading Prize (U2000) =
Michael Green (Dumfries) 2½/5
Ian McDonald (Bon Accord)
Ian Marks (Cumbernauld)
Neil Thomson (Giffnock)

Challengers (32 players)

1. Richard Kynoch (Wandering Dragons) 4/5
2= Alan Prince (Edinburgh Civil Service) 3½/5
Richard Carter (Wandering Dragons)
Martin Gourlay (Perth)
Chris Sykes (Edinburgh)
Joy Durno (Newmachar)

Grading Prize (U1700)
Daniel Thomas (East Kilbride) 3/5

Major (37 players)

1. Rudolph Austin (Edinburgh Civil Service) 5/5
2. Thomas Grundy (Bank of Scotland) 4½/5
3= David Deary (Greenwood) 4/5
William Cook (Highland resident)

Grading Prize (U1500)
David Potts (Bellshill) 3½/5

Minor (35 players)

1= Bernard Cassidy (Hamilton) 4/5
Mark Jones (Edinburgh)
David Brody (Stirling)
Geoffrey White (Oban)
(Bernard won the trophy on tie-break)

Grading Prize (U1100)
Murad Abdulla (Aberdeen Chess Academy) 3½/5

Junior Trophy
Ecsher Mills (Sciennes) 3½/5
(on tie-break)

The Brian Currie Memorial Shield, for the best grading performance by a junior in any of the adult tournaments, was won by Murad Abdulla.

A total of 134 players took part in the four adult tournaments this year, compared with 132 in 2009. In view of the recession this increase is encouraging, and I'd like to thank all the players (as well as the rest of the organising/controlling team: Jim Watson, Jacqui Thomas, Alex McFarlane, Peter Devenny, Andy Howie and Michael Hanley) for creating a successful 2010 Grangemouth Congress.


Saturday Primary:
1st Anna Milton ACA
2nd Craig Gillies St Aloysius PS/Hamilton CC
3rd Rowan Curry Lawhead PS

Best P4 Maria Birkett Inverness
Best P5 Rory Fraser Lawhead PS
Best P6 Darren Gillies St Aloysius PS/ Hamilton CC
Best P7 Kieran Ward Oakbank PS Perth

Saturday Junior:
1st Vagif Ramazanov ACA
2nd Adam Wadler James Gillespies

Sunday Primary:
1st Darren Gillies St Aloysius PS/ Hamilton CC
2nd Robert Pirrie South Morningside
3rd Craig Gillies St Al;oysius Ps/ hamilton CC

Best P2 Benjamin Ridge Edinburgh
Best P4 Fintan Pathi Kirkhill PS/ East Kilbride CC
Best P5 Michael Watson St Edwards PS/ Airdrie YMCA
Best P6 Andrew Gillies St Aloysius PS/ Hamilton CC

Sunday Junior:
1st Rowan Pathi Kirkhill PS/ East Kilbride CC
2nd Liam Richmond Rockfield PS/ Oban CC
3rd = Anna Milton ACA
Kevin Li Sciennes PS




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