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Grangemouth Congress

Town Hall
September 4-6, 2009


1. Stewart Haslinger (GM) (England) 5/5
2= Alan Grant (Cathcart) & Ian Robertson (Dunfermline) 3½/5
Grading Prize (u2050)=
Calum MacQueen (Giffnock) & Liam Ingram (Glenrothes) 3/5


1= Eoin Campbell (Wandering Dragons) & John McBride (Dunfermline) 4/5
3= Ian Mason (Grangemouth), Douglas Will (Grangemouth) & Mike Haslinger (England) 3½/5
Grading Prize (u1700)
Robert Loughran (Irvine) 3½/5


1. Mark Monaghan (Grangemouth) 4½/5
2. David M Gillespie (Greenwood) 4/5
3= William Cook (Kingussie), David Stewart (Bank of Scotland), William Noble (England), Stuart Blyth (Glenrothes) & George Livie (Cathcart) 3½/5
Grading Prize (u1550)=
George Thomson (Cumbernauld), Arthur McCurley (Greenwood) & John Blake (Stirling) 3½/5
Grading Prize (u1450)
Hugh Hanlon (Grangemouth) 3/5


1= Duncan Lyall (Lasswade) & Bernard Cassidy (Hamilton) 4½/5
3= Mark Jones (Edinburgh), Matthew Thomas (East Kilbride) & John Reid (Peterhead) 4/5
Grading Prize (u1200)=
John Pearston (Cumbernauld) & Mark Smith (Edinburgh) 3/5
Grading Prize (u1000)=
Jonathan Blake (Stirling) & Robert Mills (Linlithgow) 2½/5

The trophy for the best Junior in the Minor will go to Matthew Thomas when we get it back from the person who won it two years ago.

And the Brian Currie Shield for the best rating performance by a Junior in any of the four tournaments was won by Callum Dickson (Giffnock) whose score of 2½/5 in the Major was a performance 380 points above his published grade. Again, we will have to recover the trophy from the person who won it two years ago.

Saturday Junior:
1st Piers Armitage Sciennes 8.5/9
2nd Alexander Bond Lanark 8/9
3rd Declan Shafi Carse of Gowrie 7/9

John Gregory Sciennes 5.5/9

Saturday Primary:
1st Sarah Birkett Inverness 5/9 (split on tiebreak)
2nd Adam Gregory Sciennes 5/9
3rd Oliver Short Sciennes 2/9

Hamish Brown edinburgh
Michael Watson Airdrie YMCA
Kirsty Watson Airdrie YMCA

Sunday Junior:
1st Wenbo Chen Sciennes 8/9
2nd Rishi Pandya Sciennes 7.5/9
3rd Rowan Pathi Kirkhill 6/9

Ewan Scally Sciennes

Sunday Primary:
1st Greg Burnett Kirkhill 6/9
2nd Sam Allison James Gillespies 5.5/9
3rd Fintan Pathi Kirkhill 5/9

Sarah Birkett Inverness
Colin Howie Kirkhill
Euan Dunbar Fernhill
Sean Stobie Sciennes
Michael Watson Airdrie YMCA
Kirsty Watson Airdrie YMCA

UNDER 14 TROPHY (for score over both days)
Winner Sarah Birkett Inverness with 9 pts.

Donald Wilson and Mike Hanley

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