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Glasgow Chess Congress 2009

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum
November 6-8, 2009


by Trevor Davies

The Glasgow Chess Congress was, for the second year, staged at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum (at Kelvin International Sports Arena on the Friday night) over the weekend of November 6-8 th, 2009 . There were 155 participants.

The Open (36 players)

International Master, Andrew Greet, led from the outset and was the sole player on maximum points after Round 3. However, he conceded a half-point to Clement Sreeves in Round 4 which allowed Ed Spencer and Daniel McGowan to catch up on 3½ points. Sreeves, half a point behind them, beat Spencer in the last round to end on four points. Meanwhile, McGowan's hopes were dashed by Greet in their game the latter thus taking sole first place. The next two boards were drawn but several decisive games amongst the chasing pack meant that a total of nine players shared third place on 3½ points.

1st Andrew Greet (IM) 4½ £300
2nd Clement Sreeves 4 £150

3rd (Shared by nine players) 3½ £ 14 (Neil Berry (FM), Alan Tate, Eddie Davis, Ed Spencer, Iain Swan,

Calum MacQueen, Daniel Rocks, Daniel McGowan & Anthony Allor )

Grading Prize (shared) 2½ £17

(Alan Jelfs, Campbell Dougan & Shivan Murdochy)


Challengers (34 players)

Going into the last round, Richard Cochrane and Matthew O'Donnell shared the lead on 3½ points, with just two others (Adam Bremner & John McBride) half a point adrift. A draw on the top board assured Cochrane and O'Donnell of a share of first place. Bremner and McBride had already played each other in Round 3 (drawn) so both were down-floated against strong opponents. Their fortunes diverged: Bremner won and McBride lost.

1st (Shared by three players) 4 £117

(Richard Cochrane, Matthew O'Donnell & Adam Bremner)


Major (41 players)

Dave Hewitt led throughout and was half a point clear of John Blake and Sam Gregory (on 3½) by the end of the fourth round. The game Hewitt-Blake was drawn as was Gregory's game. Further down the field, two decisive games brought John Shankland and Frank Park into the prize list.

1st Dave Hewitt 4½ £200

2nd (Shared by four players) 4 £ 37.50

(John Blake, Sam Gregory, John Shankland & Frank Park )


Minor (44 players)

The sole leader going into Round 5 was Stuart Lampard. David King was half a point adrift on 3½ points, ahead of a chasing pack of eight others. On top board, the lead was reversed when King won. The next four boards also returned decisive results.

1st David King 4½ £200

2nd (Shared by 5 players) 4 £ 30

(Tamas Kalman, James Cunningham, Stuart Lampard,

Matthew Thomas & Iain Hope)



It would be impractical to mention all the people who have materially contributed to the staging of the Glasgow Chess Congress 2009, even if I knew everyone's name. However, I would like to record my thanks here to:

Arbiters: Alex McFarlane, Andy Howie, Gavin Saxton & David Reid

Stewards: Lara Barnes, Simon Kerridge, John McCartan, Chris Perkins, Phil Thomas, Jacqui Thomas, Paul Denham, Roy Smeeton & Gerard Blake.

Glasgow City Council: Colin Hartley, Claire McCauley & Michael Wright

Kelvingrove: Neil Ballantyne, Andy Cudden, Jim Hunter, John Stewart & Shona Cooper

Kelvin Arena: Isobel Miller & Andy Whiteford

Website: Peter Woods

Grading: Andy Howie

Bookstall: Peter & Anne Woods (Chess Suppliers)

Sponsors: Glasgow City Council, Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, Kelvin International Arena, Chess Suppliers, Robin Templeton, Glasgow Chess League, Milngavie Junior Chess Club & numerous players.

Concept: John Dempsey

Sam Collins, Tournament Director and Entries Secretary, carried that major burden with characteristic good humour: a much-needed quality when various difficulties threatened to derail our plans. Staging the Glasgow Congress at this venue presents significant organisational challenges and it may be that this factor will, in the future, over-ride the venue's various advantages. This will be a matter for others to decide because I am now stepping down from any major role in Congress organisation. It is absolutely essential that several people now come forward to volunteer their services to the Glasgow Chess League to help stage the Glasgow Congress in 2010.

Andrew Greet

Photos by Graeme Delargy


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