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Central League Allegro

February 22, 2009
by Donald Wilson

The 2009 Central League Allegro was held in Grangemouth on 22 February.

There were 40 players taking part - a record for this event.

Along the way there some good results (especially by juniors, e.g. Jonny Scott (1385) drawing with Phil Giulian (2108) and Shivan Murdochy (1226) drawing with Ian Marks (1924)) and some narrow escapes (Chris King's (1111) flag fell just as he won Douglas Will's (1809) queen; Rosie Giulian (1714) had 3 seconds left on her clock when Sam Gregory's (892) flag fell), but in the end the strongest players came through.

Prize winners:

1st: Stephen Mannion 4½/5
2nd = Ian Robertson, Philip Giulian, Richard Wiltshire, Michael Roth and John McBride 4/5
(John got the U1700 grading prize, as that was worth more than a fifth share of 2nd + 3rd)
U1300 grading prize: Shivan Murdochy 3½/5.

Grading Data

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