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Hawick Congress

Town Hall
27-29 June, 2008
by Alan Armstrong


Defending champion Stewart Haslinger (GM) did not have it all his own way in the small field.

His first round opponent Carey Wilman, who hasn't played in competion for 18 months, held the champ to a draw.

Neil Berry (FM) fell in round 2 to Lindsey McGregor, but it was Mark Orr (IM) who eventually shared the spoils with Stewart Haslinger (GM) on 4/5

1st= Stewart Haslinger (GM) (Formby), Mark Orr (IM) (Wandering Dragons)

Grading prize: William Hulme (Shettleston) 3/5

Giant killer: Lindsey McGregor win over Neil Berry 411 points difference.



1st= Chris Sykes (Lasswade), Donald Heron (Wandering Dragons) 4/5,

Grading prize U-1770: Rhian Hughes (Edinburgh) 3.5/5

U-1650: Douglas Heatlie (Edinburgh Civil Service) 3/5

Best performance by a junior, hexagonal chess set donated by J.Garson from Orkney

Jamie Hookham (Kinross) 3.5/5



The last round decided who would share or take the spoils of war, Noel Boustred won over David Wells in an enthralling time scramble, David missing out on a chance to draw if he had taken the remaining pawn.

1st Noel Boustred (Gosforth/Newcastle) 4.5/5,

2nd Steve Murdoch (Penrith) 4/5,

Grading prize U-1450: David Wells (York RI) 3.5/5,

U-1250: Jonathan Scott (Tiger Cubs) 3/5.



Bernard Cassidy played out of his skin for a perfect score 5/5

1st Bernard Cassidy (Hamilton) 5/5,

2nd David King (Musselburgh) 4/5,

Grading prize U-1200: Robbie McLeod (Castlehill) 3.5/5,

U-1000: Shona Jordan (Giffnock & Clarkston) 3/5.


William Hulme has taken the carbon score sheets for 2007 and 2008 and will add to the download database.

David Cubitt was all set to take the Grand Prix prize for the Major section, being a knight and a pawn up against his last round opponent Gilbert Alomenu. Gilbert went on to checkmate him and deprive him of the spoils. Yet Gilbert was unable to overcome any of the 3 Armstrongs who he played that weekend.

Alan Armstrong



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