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Dundee and Angus Congress

Next Generation Club, Monifieth
October 20-22, 2006
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by Keith Rose

The 2006 (re-named) Dundee & Angus Congress was held 20 th - 22 nd October, again at the Next Generation Club, Monifieth. For the third year running sponsorship was obtained from Manor House Restorations, Every Child Nursery, Andrew Bolton Opticians and 203020 Private Hire with additional support this year from Angus Council Community Grant Scheme.

Despite being difficult for non-drivers to get to entries were up from 106 last year to 141 this time around. The organisers had arranged transport from the City Centre for those relying on public transport but in the event only 3 people availed themselves of this. It could have been four but Elaine Rutherford chose to cycle from the rail station (7 miles). Once again reduced-price use of the gym and pool facilities and a reduced price lunch menu were on offer and discounted accommodation was available in the neighbouring Travel Inn. The increased number of entries allowed the organisers to add significantly to the declared prize list.

Ruxton v McNabThe top tournament, the Manor House Restorations Open, contained 37 players including GM Colin McNab, IM Steve Mannion, FM Gunnar Jacob, WFMs Elaine Rutherford and Amy Officer. In all 14 were rated 2000+. Peter Romilly was hoping for a third successive first place but it proved a challenge too far when, after taking a first-round bye he dropped a half to Amy Officer. For Amy this followed a win of English visitor Colin Costello (1976) which was in turn followed by a win over Andrew Green (2027) and Steve Mannion was held to a draw by Ian Marks (1872). After 3 rounds Colin McNab and Keith Ruxton led the field with 3 points, ahead of Amy, Ivan Stokes and Gunnar Jacob on 2½. Colin overcame Keith in their fourth-round meeting to meet second placed Gunnar. A tame draw was the result leaving Colin outright winner.

In the Andrew Bolton Opticians Major there were 62 entries. First-round casualties amongst the top ten included top-graded Bruce Harrold, John Robertson and Rudolf Austin who all fell to players more than 250 points below them. In round 2 Bruce's form continued with a zero against Robert Loughran, but he was not alone as 9 of the top 11 ended with one or fewer points. Keith Aitchison was the only player with maximum points at the end of round 3, ahead of 13 others on 2½. He was joined by 4 others on 3½, but only Jim Smalls and Douglas Heatlie could convert this to 4½ and share first place.

The Minor started with 3 of the top 15 falling to significantly lower graded players, one of the results leading to Marc Woods claiming the Giant-Killer prize for overcoming a 466 point difference. Only 6 of 42 ended round 2 with 2 points, reducing to only Graeme Robertson on maximum after 3 rounds, as he was after the next round. Graeme finished with a last-round draw against Kevin Martin who, alongside 3 others finished in second place.

This year it was possible to run tournaments for Primary school players but entries were a little disappointing, with 9 on Saturday and 10 Sunday. Perhaps coming immediately following the mid-term break was a factor.



Manor House Restorations Open:

1st (4½) Colin McNab
2nd = (4) Keith Ruxton, Gunnar Jacob
Jnr (3½) Ivan Stokes
<2150 (3½) Jonathan Lennox, George Neave
<1900 (3) Stephen Hogg, Ian Marks
<1800 (2½) Amy Officer, Jonathan Wright
Slow Starter (2½) Lindsay McGregor

Andrew Bolton Opticians Major

1st = (4½) Jim Smalls, Douglas Heatlie
3rd = (4) Gordon Christie, Simon Bate, Adam Bremner
<1650 Incorporated with 3^rd place prizes
<1570 (3½) Keith Aitchison, Jim Smith, Rhian Hughes
<1500 (3½) Robert Loughran
<1415 (2½) Alex Stewart
<1300 (3) Daniel Rocks, Andrew McClement
Jr prizes incorporated with <1300
Slow Starter (2½) David Deary, Iain Morris

WH Brown Plant Hire Minor

1st (4½) Graeme Robertson
2nd = (4) Bernard Cassidy, Francis Batchelor, Callum Vipond, Kevin Martin
Jnr (3) Jonathan Scott
Jnr (3) Andrew Newton
<1050 (3½) Graeme Blair
<850 (3½) Jason Bradshaw
Slow Starter (3) Andrew McCulloch
Giant Killing - Marc Woods (446 points difference)


Every Child Nursery Saturday Primary

1st = Calum Dickson, Robert Childs
3rd Peter Devenny


Every Child Nursery Sunday Primary

1st Robert Childs
2nd = Sam Turner Blyth , Morven Petrie


Keith Rose

Congress Director


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