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Cathcart Allegro

March 12 2005

The 5th Allegro had a disappointing entry of 30 players (probably due to the vast Scottish contingent flocking to Blackpool ). However, GM Colin McNab, IMs Roddy McKay and Stephen Mannion ensured that it would be interesting enough. Alan Grant, winner at Glenrothes, made up the top 4 seeds.

McKay was the first to lose his 100% record in round 1 after a draw with Frank Murray obviously not woken up yet!

The big 4 started to meet in round 3 when Grant met McNab, Alan emerging the victor to join Mannion as the only full-pointers. They played in round 4 with Stephen winning to go into the sole lead on 4/4.

Round 5 was the turning point as McKay got the white pieces against Mannion and used them to good effect, crashing through with a mating attack.

Round 6 the pairings were Grant (4) McKay (4.5), McNab (4) Mannion (4). Stephen was the unluckiest getting 2 blacks against the top seeds but he and Colin had identical sequences and both of them had already played Alan. The second board was drawn after a lively struggle but Roddy was on unstoppable form (finally woke up?) and again won nicely leaving him as outright winner on 5.5. Andrew Green and Richard Wiltshire both won in the final round to join the others in second equal.




1 IM R McKay (CC) 5.5/6;

2 GM C McNab (DV), IM S Mannion (CC), R Wiltshire (BD), A Green (ED) 4.5;

1400-1700 Grading Prize: K Mayo (EW), R Coleman (CC) 4;

U-1400 Grading Prize: A Pert (CC) 3

Slow Starter (0/2): I Lunardi (CC), W McIntosh (HCCC), C Perkin (GM) 2.

Grading Data

Round 2: D Cubitt R McKay

1 d4 e6 2 Nf3 b6 3 c4 Bb7 4 e3 Nf6 5 Nc3 Bb4 6 a3 Bxc3+ 7 bxc3 Ne4 8 Qc2 O-O 9 Bd3 f5 10 O-O Rf6 11 Nd2 Rh6 12 Nxe4? fxe4 13 Bxe4 Qh4 14 h3 Bxe4 15 Qd2 Bf3! 16 d5 Qxh3! 17 gxh3 Rxh3 0-1

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