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Edinburgh Congress

2 to 4 April 2004
by Dave Stewart (Congress Director)

A total of just over 300 participants played in this year’s competition in Scotland’s premier weekend congress. There was a good representation from England as well as players from Europe and even one from Australia.

The Premier Event was FIDE rated. Of the 58 players, five titled players took part 2 GMs, 1 IM, 1 FM and 1 WFM with two thirds of all players FIDE rated. GM Jonathan Rowson (Troon) defeated Paul Roberts (Edinburgh West), IM Mark Orr (Edinburgh), Keith Ruxton (Edinburgh), FM Graham Morrison (Edinburgh) and drew his last round game against Iain Gourlay (England) to secure the first prize of £500.

I would like to thank Sam Collins of Chess Suppliers Scotland for running the Bookstall and a thank you to arbiters Simon Gillam, Alex McFarlane, Donald Wilson, Rod Tweedie and Jim Wallace who officiated sensibly and efficiently. Thanks to Geoff Chandler for judging the best game prize, Terry Purkins for his general support, Hugh Flockhart and Eddie Gillespie for their help with the prize giving, Howard Key and Douglas Bryson for putting our entry form, results of the event on the web. Finally I would like to thank George Anderson for taking the entries, preparing the pairing cards and tournament charts and completing all the grading requirements.

Edinburgh Chess Congress 2004 Prize Winners

Premier Event

1st: GM Jonathan Rowson (Troon) 4.5/5pts £500;

2nd: = Iain Gourlay (England) 4/5pts £65 = Graham Paterson (Musselburgh) £65 = WFM Elaine Rutherford (Edinburgh) £65 = Keith Ruxton (Edinburgh) £65;

GP U2100: = Ken Beaton (Glasgow Montrose) 3.5/5pts £25, = Willie Rutherford (Edinburgh) £25;

GP U1900: = Richard Birkett (Nairn) 2.5/5pts £10, = Brian Henderson (Phones) £10, = Ed Perry (Sandy Bells) £10, = Jinwoo Song (England) £10, = Alan Tate (Wandering Dragons) £10, = Christopher Tweedie (Hamilton) £10;

Under 18: Daniel MacGowan (Hamilton) 3/5pts £30 Evening News Cup & Book prize donated by Chess Suppliers Scotland.

Challengers Event

1st: Prim Singh (Pentland Hills) 4.5/5pts £150;

2nd: = David Fowler (Bon Accord) 4/5pts £25, = Joe Galbraith (Musselburgh) £25, = Neil Thomson (Giffnock) £25, = John Watkins (Lasswade) £25.

Major Event

1st: Frank McDonald (Livingston) 4.5/5pts £150;

2nd: = Keith Aitchison (Edinburgh) 4/5pts £20, = Andrew Inglis (Balerno) £20, = Andrew MacQueen (Giffnock) £20, = Calum MacQueen (Giffnock) £20, = Pawel Makow (Edinburgh) £20, = Gerrard Oswald (Sandy Bells) £20.

Bishops Event

1st: = James Malloy (Phones) 4.5/5pts £110, = Keith Williamson (Gorgie Dalry) £110;

Grading Prize: Peter Selbie (Glenrothes) 3.5/5pts £30.

Knights Event

1st = Nigel Jowett (England) 4.5/5pts £110, = Steven MacGregor (Edinburgh) £110;

Grading Prize: Imran Ahmed (Corstorphine) 4/5pts £30.

Prize Draw – The winning move was Qg3 £30 David Taylor (Deans White Knights).

Giant Killing Prize: £30 In the Major Event, Connor Woods (Hamilton) with a grade of 918 defeated Martin Wallace (Galashiels) 1680 a grading difference of 762 points.

Best Game Prize: £30 & Book prize judged by Geoff Chandler of Chandler Cornered - Winner Christopher MacDonald (Stirling) for his win as black against Matthew Chambers (Australia) in Round 4 of the Premier Event.

1 e4 e6 2 d4 d5 3 Nc3 Nf6 4 Bg5 Be7 5 e5 Nfd7 6 Bxe7 Qxe7 7 f4 a6 8 Nf3 c5 9 dxc5 Qxc5 10 Qd2 Nc6 11 Bd3 b5 12 0–0–0 Nb6 13 Kb1 Bd7 14 Ne2 a5 15 Rc1 a4 16 c3 Na5 17 Ned4 Nbc4 18 Qe2 b4 19 h4 Rb8 20 Ka1 b3 21 Bxc4 Nxc4 22 Nd2 Qa3 23 N2xb3 axb3 24 Nxb3 Qa7 25 Kb1 Ba4 0–1

The book prize was donated by Chess Suppliers Scotland.

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