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Aberdeen Congress

October 3-5, 2003

report by Yvonne Enoch

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1st = Neil Berry (ED); Elaine Rutherford (ED); Colin Costello (KL); and Louise MacNab (BA).

Grading prize (under 1850): Roland Kensdale.


1st = Alan Smith (BA); Anthony Roberts (LS); and Graham McKay (SZ).

Grading Prize (under 1550): Craig Gordon (QH); Keith Hoban (NA)

Grading Prize (under 1500): John Ewen (BA).


1st = David Leslie (QH); and Scott Marshall (BA).

3rd = Lawrence Thirkell (NM); and Angus MacDonald.

Grading Prize (under 1250): Gregor Smith (NM); and Connor Woods (HC/AJ).


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