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Results of NEJCA + SJC CFK Inverness March 29th
Results of NEJCA + SJC Chess for Kicks (CFK) event Saturday March 29th 2014 at the Chieftain Hotel Hall, Inverness

1st Joshua Holm (Holm Primary) 5/6 (NQ)

2nd Kelly Campbell (Albyn) 5/6 (NQ)
(after play-off)
3rd George Croson Fraser (Holm Primary) 4.5/6 (NQ)
Alasdair Raynor (Holm Primary) 4/6
Ethan Mair (Hopeman) 4/6
Ross Barnes-Miller (Scourie) 4/6

1st Rafal Wilowski (Banchory) 3.5/6(PQ)

2nd Collin Campbell (Albyn) 2/6 (NQ)
3rd Jonathan McKay (Coul Primary) 2/6 (NQ)

1st Nicholas Winter (Lathallan) (NQ) 5.5/6

2nd Anoop Babu (Aberdeen Grammar) 5/6 (PQ)
3rd Atharva Dabholkar (Robert Gordon's College) 4/6 (NQ)
4th Sarah Birkett (Inverness) 2/6 (NQ)

Due to low numbers the U-600 and U-1000 were combined but winners decided only on results within each section.
(NQ) these players have newly qualified for the SJC Chess for Kicks final (Saturday June 1st, venue to be confirmed)
(PQ) these players already previously qualified in this section for the SJC Chess for Kicks final

Junior/Adult Allegro
1st Richard Birkett (Inverness) 4.5/5

2nd= James Doyle (Glasgow) 3.5/5
2nd= Andrew Newton (Inverness) 3.5/5

As usual, full results and photos at

Thanks to all attendees and helpers
Gerald Lobley
CFK final is at Firpark football stadium, Motherwell
Thanks Jacqui

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