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East / West of Scotland
I had an idea about this. Why not enhance the Grand Prix and award East of Scotland to highest point scorer over the events in East of the country and then same again fro those in West. Events counting to be listed on Grand Prix page at start of seasons. No upper limit on ratings. Only opens counting. Maybe if there were enough events then take player's highest 3 scoring events? Include allegros at half weighting just like existing Grand Prix. Doesn't matter where you live. You can come from Glasgow and be East Champion if you play well here often enough and vice-a-versa. Closed events should be excluded (actually banned). Anyway, you get the idea. Thoughts?
not back George not bad at all. How about this then. Set up an inter counties league like in the darts , Have west, east , central teams etc either local or online events. Junior and/or adult events Prizes could include consideration for national selection and/or fide points. These events could also be used for fund raising as well as a means of attracting potential sponsors. The teams could be arbitral but should cover most of chess Scotland. The geographical issues can be overcome by remote access also i'm sure that would rule out the fide points potential. Players I feel would like a FIDE grading so it can be used as a carrot.
Good idea in principle

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