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Computer Valuations In Live Games
Have seen this before but watching Anand v Topalov and white follow up blacks 32...gxh6 (0.85) with the recommended 33. Qg4(0.4) yet as you see the valuation halved. the black has only move 33.....Kf7(1.33) followed by recommended 34. h5 (-0.07) and suddenly black has alledged advantage.

I know that as moves are played the horizon is pushed further back but this is rather extreme!
For what it's worth, I've seen the same issue being mentioned elsewhere...

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I don’t think the live evaluations update with time so maybe the coming zugzwang position (the one that occurs in the game after Anand’s 36 c3) was just pushed outside the horizon and then frozen in time by a quick move?

Looks as though it was Topalov's ...h6 that brought the roof down.
The computer wanted black to play 34. ... Bf4 when it was saying -0.07 but when I returned to the game it had wiped it from its memory.

For me it usually works the other way round, wipe the good moves (if I see any) remember the bad 'uns.

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