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Results of NEJCA Keith Hoban Memorial March 8th 2014
Results of NEJCA Keith Hoban Memorial events Saturday March 8th 2014 at Albyn School, Aberdeen

1st Collin Campbell (Albyn School) 5.5/6

2nd Jakub Gryla (Laurencekirk) 5/6
3rd Alan Fleming (Albyn School) 4.5/6
(after Blitz play-off)
4th Pranav Saravanan (Albyn School) 4.5/6
Best Girl
Fadia Bedawi (Albyn School) 4/6
Jalal Bavramov (Ashley Road) 4/6

Rising Stars
1st Rafal Wilowski (Banchory) 5/6

2nd Oishani Dutta (Broomhill) 5/6
3rd Atharva Dabholkar (Robert Gordons) 5/6
These 3 winners were separated by a Blitz play-off mini-tournament.
Jonathan McKay (Caol Primary), Nandini Dutta (Broomhill), Fraser Nelson (Laurencekirk),
Keith Murray (Laurencekirk) Mahir Sawaralam (St Machar Academy) all 4/6

Keith Hoban Memorial Trophy
1st Nicholas Straw (Banchory Academy) 4.5/5

2nd Murad Abdullah (Harlaw Academy) 4/6
3rd Declan Shafti (St Pauls, Dundee) 3.5/6

Congratulations to all participants, particularly the winners.
As usual, full results and photos at
Gerald Lobley
Overall, that looks an excellent turnout with many strong juniors in the top section. Well done to Gerald and his team!

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