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SNCL Round 1 and 2
Round 1
Division 1
Cumbernauld v Kingdom Kings
Giffnock & Clarkston A v Hamilton A
Forth Valley v Edinburgh West
Greenwood v Dundee City A

Division 2
Edinburgh 1 v East Kilbride
Dumfries and District v Edinburgh University
Kingdom Knights v Stonehaven
Kilmarnock v CS BOS 1

Division 3
Edinburgh 2 v Pentland Hills
Hamilton B v Irvine
Inverclyde v Lanark
Dundee City B v Oban

Division 4
Forth Valley 2 v CSBOS2
Bon Accord v Corstorphine
Giffnock & Clarkston B v Kingdom Knaves
North Ayrshire Crusaders v SJC

Round 2

Division 1
Edinburgh West v Greenwood
Dundee City A v Giffnock & Clarkston A
Hamilton A v Cumbernauld
Kingdom Kings v Forth Valley

Division 2
CS BOS 1 v Kingdom Knights
Stonehaven v Edinburgh 1
East Kilbride v Dumfries and District
Edinburgh University v Kilmarnock

Division 3
Lanark v Dundee City B
Oban v Hamilton B
Irvine v Edinburgh 2
Pentland Hills v Inverclyde

Division 4
Corstorphine v Giffnock & Clarkston B
Kingdom Knaves v North Ayrshire Crusaders
CSBOS2 v Bon Accord
SJC v Forth Valley 2
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"

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