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spare equipment needed for Juniors club
I am really confused who is who as I don't know people personaly and there is old websites of old names of organisations and websites with new names of new organistations. And I find the messaging system on the board a bit akward to use. Anyways...

Thanks to SJCA for the recent donation of sets. Is there a contact email perhaps as the people running the school would like to say thanks personaly.

Also thanks to Hamilton who passed some old clocks our way. 1 or 2 were broken but even they are useful for parts to get other clocks working. Which has now given me an idea about a broken clock recyclement appeal as I would reckon for every 3 broken clocks donated, 1 working clock could be created. More on that later!

So a quick update and I did say I would be transparent, I received 6 sets a week or two ago from Lasswade Chessclub which disbandoned, and were then donated to Dunbar via Corstorphone Chess Club. I therefore passed them straight over to our Grammar School Club who were in most need of sets. The 4 sets donated by SJCA I then passed over to West Barns Primary School on the proviso that should the club cease to run, the sets are returned to us to be reused by SJCA (I hope thats okay). The newly formed West Barns Primary School club had to limit it to 12 kids and half of them could already play chess which was surprising but encouraging. They just started up this week. Unfortunately they have no Parent Council being a village school at moment. On a plus note the other Primary School parent council have met with myself and shown willingness to fund the chess club!

To much to mention on the local junior chess scene here. Unfortunately we are 20 years behind most other towns and counties, but we will catch up with a bit of time and the future is good.

And a final note about mailing lists, I have started a mailing list of parents/teachers etc for local youth chess. Is there any wider Scottish Youth Chess mailing lists I can tap into myself that has info on news,funding,events etc?

Thanks to all for the support to date, much appreciated.
Can I highlight that the Lothian Junior Champs are on this Sunday if any of the players in and around Dunbar are wanting to play some games.
Jonathan, yes, it's hard to keep up with all the acronyms. It was SJC who donated the sets. SJCA no longer exists as they merged with SCA to form CS.

SJC's website is and contact details can be found on there if required.

Great to hear that the sets are being used by West Barns Primary School. Should the club cease to run, I'm sure you would find another suitable home for the sets.
Hi Mike, I have highlighted that particular event and other things to the relevant people but it seems to be too soon. I am sure next season will see one or two kids from our area at events. Once the various clubs improve their structure to be a little more competitive and a local school match or two has taken place, weekend events will be a natural next step for some.
re the SCA donation of 4 sets that went to West Barnes Primary. The club has been a success and is running weekly after school with 12 kids every week. Pictures and references from Feb-Apr are on the school website at Thanks again to the SCA.

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