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South Ayrshire Congress Junior Saturday
A junior event will be held at the South Ayrshire Congress on Saturday, January 25th. Entry forms and further details should be available shortly via the CS calendar pages.

Open to any junior aged under 16 at 25th January 2014 with a grade under 1000 or who is ungraded. Small Prizes, trophies and medals will be awarded for the best performances.

Play will start at 10.30am and run until around 4pm. Entry fee for the Junior Saturday event will be free.

Clocks will be used in all games. For those who haven't used chess clocks, don't worry, the organisers are there to help and make sure everybody enjoys themselves. They will be on hand to explain how playing chess with chess clocks works.

Each player will have 25 minutes each to make all their moves in each game. All gradeable games will qualify for full grading on the Chess Scotland grading list.

Play will be on a continuous basis with each round taking place shortly after the last game of the previous round finishes, with a short break for lunch.

It is anticipated that there will be at least 6 rounds.

The event will count towards the Walter Munn Junior Grand Prix organised by Chess Scotland.

Details of the venue can be found at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
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Entry form is now available here

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Entrants now being listed on congress web page. I hope to keep this reasonably up to date over the coming week. I'll be out nearly all day Thursday but entries can be made by e-mail or leave a message on answer machine.

I'm out early on Friday to set up the venue, so pot luck if players turn up on Saturday unannounced. Fairly certain I won't turn juniors awy. Couldn't handle their sad wee faces Sad Great venue in the middle of town and no charge to play. All welcome.

Really helpful if entries are received before Friday though and would be hugely appreciated.
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