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Advice for getting funding/sponsors for a club.
IMarks Wrote:
George Thomson Wrote:Regarding our "equipment grants" I believe that these were obtained by Ian Marks and/or Ronnie Wallace.
I have no idea how much was given by North Lanarkshire Council, if indeed it was N/L/C. One thing for sure we got some lovely new Wooden Chess Sets and excellent quality Chessboards and some digital clocks. Ian has been away at the world seniors for a couple of weeks. He may be able to offer some advice now.
Cumbernauld CC applied to NLC a few years ago. Local authorities were keen to award grants, particularly if the application indicated that a strong educational aspect was involved (right up chess's street). If the applicant can elicit the support of a sympathetic local councillor, so much the better. Evidence had to be provided to the council that the money had been used for the purpose intended. No idea what the situation is now. Presumably cutbacks might have had an effect. Bottom line - if you don't ask, you won't get.

As I recall, it was a community grant I think we applied for
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there's possibly similar grants available from East Lothian Council.

This site might also be helpful for you:-
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I have removed Robin's two posts as I judge them antagonistic and irrelevant to this forum. Furthermore the chess Scotland forum is not the place to discuss Hamilton's accounts. That discussion should be at the Hamilton AGM or EGM. If there is a genuine need to enquire about the lottery, then surely the focus would how Hamilton got the grant, not necessarily what they did with it. That is down to Hamilton Chess Club and the Lottery commission. In the terms of fairness I have also removed Phil's comments as I judge them retaliatory. You're not playing this game on my watch. By all means politely enquire but please do not insinuate. There are procedures outside of this forum to follow regarding lottery grant enquiries
I have removed Derek's Howie's post only because it was a response to Robin's post and since it was removed it didn't make any sense, not because it was inflammatory in any way

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