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junior support

It's time for some home truths.

I haven't posted for some time but in the interests of moving forward, particularly in junior chess, both at national and international level, I wish you to sit down and consider the following...

A huge amount of unselfish, unpaid work is done behind the scenes and has been for many years.

Donald, Jacqui, Phil, Michael, Alan, Andrew, Calum, Clement, Adam, Neil, Matthew, Heather, Jonathan, David, Andy, Hugh, Mike, Bryan, Mahir......the list is endless and apologies for the dozens of others I have not mentioned but it would be impossible to mention everyone. I wouldn't like to even dream of the sacrifices given by a well known family from Maybole in Ayrshire. All of these folk give up their time, unpaid, to support junior chess at home and abroad including giving up their own holidays.

Now I know most or all of them may be a wee bit embarrassed that I am bringing this up but it's time that they were recognised for the fantastic work they have done both in the present and in the past.

I would also like you to consider the commitments and sacrifices that have been made over a long number of years by families to support junior players. Flights, transfers, accommodation, entry money etc all paid for by parents.

I am going to give you one example...A set of parents spent £5500 of their own money supporting their child at one year's international events alone recently. That's not including trekking up and down the country supporting Scottish congresses.

I am not posting this to chastise anyone in anyway, far from it. I just want everyone to draw a deep breath and consider the passion and commitment these folks have in supporting junior chess.

If you feel you wish to help in any way at all in junior chess, whether within or outwith ChessScotland, be it setting and clearing tables at an SJC event, being a chaperone at a national event or giving a lift to folk to the airport for an international event, whatever, step forward because Scottish junior chess will always need your very much appreciated support.

The deep pride and delight you will feel at every success is worth it, I assure you.

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