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Voice Recognition Chess Playing Thing
I paid £299.99 for this pile of crap.

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absolutely brilliant I think you should be the king of comedy hang on its moved from d1 to e3 this postings a bit of crap....
Kevin Bridges watch out!!!!!!

Even as a non-chess player I find this hilarious Big Grin
Geoff - it's £300 well spent - it gives you free lessons on the Moultrie Attack & Defence. Don't get so frustrated. With a bit of practice you have a proven ready made opening for next year's Scottish/Commonwealth Championship.
I cannot switch it off.

I've tried 'Shut down', 'Stop', 'Close', 'End', 'Finish', 'Quit.', 'Go Away'.

The manuel does not say how to shut it down.
Get a woman to do it Geoff - would it dare not to do it then?

We all know machines never do what the manual says.
Jim don't give them ideas. Lazy lump from bed to kitchen, lawnmower from cupboard to garden, then paint brushes from..nightmare.
It's no use asking the charming Mrs Chandler to help, the thing won't recognise her voice.
She speaks through her nose - she wore her mouth out years ago.

It's still switched on and has infected the whole house.

If anyone says 'Off' or 'Out' or words that sounds similiar then the telly goes off the lights go out,
the washing machine stops and telephone rings.

Me and the family are now communicating via yellow post it's.

Some lad has made one a few months ago. I never knew.

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His is free!

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