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Largs Junior Event
The Largs Junior Event will take place on Saturday 14th of September at the Vikingar in Largs. This event will be a little bit different as it will comprise of the Vikingar's Viking Experience as well as a 5 round Allegro.


Registration - Up to 11:20am
Viking Experience - 11:30am
Round 1 - 12:40pm
Round 2 - 1:25pm
Break for Lunch
Round 3 - 2:55pm
Round 4 - 3:40pm
Round 5 - 4:25pm


Thor's Crown - For those players graded 1000 and below
The Warriors' Quest - For those players graded 600 and below
Viking Raider - For those players graded 300 and below

Sections may be merged, but prizes will still be given for each of the grading bands.
Timecontrol will be 15 minutes each per player.
The organisers reserve the right to take any measures to ensure the smooth running of the event.
Entry fee for all sections is £10.
Open to all players still attending school.

We are pleased to announce that Alistair Maxwell will be the arbiter for this event. He will be assisted by local junior and Scottish internationalist Alice Lampard.

Entries to Gary McPheator by email ( <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->) or by phone (07411196422) between the hours of 10am to 10pm every day until and including the closing date of Wednesday 11th September.

Vikikng Experience

Eperience the Viking adventure first hand as the Vikingar storytellers guide you through 500 years. Viking history is brought to life through sight, sound and smell.
Then take your seat for an amazing 20 minute 5-screen film presentation following one family through generations of turmoil, battle and adveture until the Battle of Largs in 1263.
Finally enter the Viking Hall of Knowledge where multi-media technology and exhibitions continue the saga of the Vikings in Scotland!

Parents and guardians are welcome to take in the experience with their children for a small additional charge providing there is enough space on the tour.


The Winter Garden Cafe will have refreshments and snacks available. While no meals will be on offer the venue is happy for you to bring your own food (including takeaway) and eat in this area. Alternatively there are plenty of places to eat near by.

The venue has been designed to cater for those with mobility issues.

We look forward to seeing you all at Largs!

I will be taking entries for the Largs Junior Event up until 10pm on Friday 13th September by email and by telephone, so there is still time to take part!

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