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Manifesto of Hamish Glen for President
Popped on very briefly as I am about to go out working.

Hamish has asked me to post the following as he is not on the noticeboard

I am submitting this Manifesto in response to Stephen Hilton posting
his as I believe it is important for members to be able to compare the
views of both candidates.
I want to make it clear I have total respect for Stephen Hilton who is
my opponent in the forthcoming election.

Chess Scotland, Election for President, August 2013
Manifesto and Curriculum Vitae for H Glen

I will work with my fellow Directors to promote and enhance the image
of Chess Scotland to put us in a position to be ready to host the
Commonwealth Championships and the Junior Team Home Internationals
next summer which CS can use to highlight the profile of Chess in
The year ahead is an important one for us and I have the determination
and leadership to ensure we succeed.

I will strive to promote chess at ALL levels in Scotland, which will
mean building a strong working partnership between directors, some of
whom will be new to their posts, and all others who contribute to the
Chess Family of Scotland.

The problems over the last year have shown limitations in the CS
Constitution when dealing with such issues and I intend to form a
Working Group to work on a review and redraft, which will go to CS
Council for consideration, in line with the motion already put forward
to the AGM. This must include looking at the role of Office Bearers
and in particular who deals with matters between Council Meetings.

I fully support the motion to bring Junior Chess in Scotland back
under the umbrella of Chess Scotland while still allowing different
areas the autonomy to organise events etc for themselves with the full
backing and support of Chess Scotland. The setting up of a Junior
Management Board with a direct input to CS Council would add credence
to this motion.

I will not copy it, but Point 4 in Steve's Manifesto I agree with
completely - it is the only way for Chess Scotland to move forward!!

If re-elected, I promise a Proactive year rather than the Reactive
year which has just passed


I have been an active chess player since starting Secondary School in 1966.

I am currently Treasurer of the Glasgow Chess League, a post I have
held since May 2011.

I am currently Treasurer of Bellshill Chess Club whom I play for in
both the Glasgow and Lanarkshire Leagues.

I was Head of Delegation and Coach to the group of Chess Scotland
Juniors who attended the European Union Youth Chess Championships in
Mureck, Austria in July/August 2012.

I was Secretary of the Glasgow Chess League in 2008 until I went to
Australia on a 1 year Teacher Exchange programme where I ran the
school chess club for the year I was there, joined Geelong Chess Club
and took the opportunity to compete in the equivalent of 2 Grand Prix
tournaments with varying success.
"How sad to see, what used to be, a model of decorum and tranquility become like any other sport, a battleground for rival ideologies to slug it out with glee"

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