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Coach of the Year
the many achievements noted by Phil Thomas in another post has got me thinking. there are many coaches who give up much of their time to coach players, especially juniors. It may be an idea to formally recognise them with a similar thing to Player of the Year. I know of several in Ayrshire, Steven Taylor and Billy Kelly to name but two, but I'm sure that there will be many many more across the country who are unsung heroes. What do you think?
Hi Pat,

Nice thought but no.

You have not considered the bitterness such an award would bring.

Say the Ayrshire coach gets the award (I'll call him Stan Smith) all the other coaches get
upset and install in their charges the need to beat the Ayrshire coaches students.

These junior players who were once friends now have to sit apart from their Ayrshire chums
and not even speak to them because they are being coached by the enemy.

The will be fisticuffs in the car parks, booing at the prize giving and tears in the playground.

Then you will get some witless clown like me (definitely like me...infact it will be me) who will pounce
upon a junior blunder like a gleeful rat and add in the notes.

" And where do such blunders come from? How do you manage to get so good at finding awful moves.
You attend the classes of Stan Smith the 2012 Coach of the Year."

Hmmmm.....I like that note.

OK I'm in. Good idea.

(Coaches get their reward when they see their pupils advancing up the scale and an even bigger
reward when they see they are still playing and loving the game.)
I vote for Geoff as coach of the year...the year being 1979
LOL Big Grin

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