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Crazy Idea - or is it?
It looks like I may be organising a 1 day Allegro event this year, and was thinking of trying something a little different.

For example (all as allegro games)

Round 1 : Standard Allegro Game
Round 2 : Thematic opening - player(s) select sealed envelope containing a level opening position with a selection of K/Q Pawn games ( Ruy Lopez, French, Petroff, Sicilian on K Side and a similar selectionon Q side)
Round 3 : 960/Fischer Random (again sealed selection of positions)
Round 4: Thematic Opening - but a Gambit style opening
Round 5: Standard Allegro Game

Sealed opening to be used would be published on entry form, but no assurances who gets what.

Just a thought.............
I'm not sure if all games could be eligible for allegro grading though, but maybe DMB can advise, if that is important to people.

Any comments (good, bad or indifferent) it's just a though as I said.
Hi Jim,

I love the idea and I wouldn't be overly concerned with allegro grading of all games. We all play chess to have fun and this sounds like great fun to me graded or not.

I would certainly play in it if I was available when you wished to run it. I love the concept of having the opening moves determined and having to play from a level position. That sounds great to me as my openings are crap! Big Grin

Edit: I think I remember reading that Andy was thinking of a similar sort of idea last season but I could be wrong. Might be useful to get his thoughts on it.
Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional!
It's a cool idea. The games with positions altered should not be graded though (but who cares - it's fun!). =)
Don't see the appeal, chess is best left the way it is. Variants are never as good.
It sounds if it would be more FUN in Fife.
I would be interested in playing a 960 tournament. Also think this kind of chess could be good for juniors.

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