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Scotsman Today
Nice article about Magnus in todays Scotsman

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Good to see the chess profile being raised here
I wonder, will the First Minister read the article and think, "What our Norwegian role-models can do, Scotland can do."? And will he then place government resources at Chess Scotland's disposal?

Or am I being controversial or even (horrors!) political in asking such questions?
Go on, Donald. Stir it up!

In Sunday's Scotland on Sunday, Tom English, one of Scotland's leading sports hacks wrote his usual full back-page article on doping in sports, in which without quibble (or even giving the matter a thought) he included chess as a "sport".

Well, we all knew that about the game anyway? Didn't we!?
Excellent thought: hopefully someone from CS can make sure that the article has been seen and is followed up on?
I cannot find the Tom English article that you are referring to. Is it possible for someone to post a link?
Sorry, got it now
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Just noticed that the Tom English article now has a link. Purely for information: the link doesn't carry two or three other inset photos that appeared in the original newspaper (printed) piece, one of which was of two players in action at some (unidentifiable) international chess (sports) event. While the article was mainly about golf, chess and the other "fringe" sports referred to got a respectful and prominent overall hearing.

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