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The Commonwealth Championships are coming to Scotland Thread
I think the idea was/is to set up a three event 'tour', Commonwealth, British, Olympiad. A nice Idea in principle, but I am not sure how many people it will effect in practice.
But we can't play in the British. The Major Open overlaps the Olympiad, as does the Seniors. Only a handful of Oceania have Brisish citizenship and the right to play in the Championship (which has slightly altered dates - though it would be a nightmare still, getting from Wales to Tromso in time, I think - and you definitely would not be nicely rested!) and practically no-one is high-enough rated to qualify. I did ask if I could take part as a former British Ladies champion but no-one deigned to respond so I assume the answer is no!
Helen , you can do the tour, Scottish, British, leave on 1st August for Olympiad like David Howell.
Hope you are comfortable with the new rules for Olympiad accompanees!

07. Regulations for the Titles of Trainers
4. Licenced Trainers
4.1. No trainer will be offered free board & lodging at official FIDE events such as Olympiads, World, European, Continental, Pan-American, and Asian Team Champi-onship, and World and Youth Individual Championships, if he/she does not hold any official FIDE/TRG title (official implementation: 01.07.2014).

4.2. No trainer will be offered access in the official playing hall at official FIDE events such as Olympiads, World, Continental, European, Pan-American, and Asian Team Championship, and World and Continental Youth Individual Championships, if he/she does not hold any official FIDE/TRG title (official implementation: 01.07.2014).

4.3. Each national federation shall nominate an ‘Official Contact Person’ with the TRG. By this action, TRG’s communication and further cooperation with the FIDE affiliated federations will become easier and effective.
Well guess what - I have officially been told I can't go to the Olympiad without red tape.
I wonder what fees CS is going to have to pay for all this ? And this is only one of the issues!

Dear Mr. Muir,

According to the Regulations, no.

But you have a lot of options to be registered as a FIDE Trainer beforhand:

1. If you are titled you can apply for the lowest title without a seminar.
2. You can register to a seminar.
3. You can register to one of our free seminars during the Olympiad.

Kind regards
TRG Secretary
Efstratios Grivas

From: Andrew Muir <>
To: <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
Sent: Sunday, 1 December 2013, 15:56
Subject: Fw: Information

Dear Mr Grivas
I might be Olympiad captain of the Chess Scotland team. Will I get free lodging & playing hall access ? I am not a licensed trainer
Andrew Muir
Here are the basic fees payable to FIDE for trainer licences. More information here <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... w=category</a><!-- m -->

Title Awarded Title Award (one-time) Licence Fee (valid for 4 years)
FIDE Senior Trainer 300 Euros 180 Euros
FIDE Trainer 200 Euros 120 Euros
FIDE Instructor 100 Euros 60 Euros
National Instructor 50 Euros 30 Euros
Developmental Instructor 50 Euros 30 Euros
Thanks, we've lost our grant, why do we have to pay these stupid fees ?
David Howell is playing in the British Championship, which ends early. The Major Open, in which I and (as far as I am aware) all other Oceania people would have to play does not end until a few days later. So no, the 'British' is not in any way a practical option for us...
As for Olympiad costs, Andy might like to read the FIDE Handbook re Olympiads, where he will find:

4.5.2 All federations except CACDEC members shall pay a minimum of USD 25 per day for each official member of the team as mentioned in Criteria shall be established for deciding those federations (that may not include only CACDEC members) to be considered for exemption.

where is: Players
The national teams of federations affiliated to FIDE.
Open: 4 players, 1 reserve
Women: 4 players, 1 reserve

We're hoping that in an election year, FIDE might find it convenient to waive the Trainer license requirements for captains (particularly as there are no Trainer seminars anywhere near small, isolated voters (err, countries...) like NZL...
Last time the "Head of Delegation" and the "FIDE Delegate" were allocated single rooms. They did not require any qualifications or certificates whatsoever.
I shall wait for the official rules to appear instead of trying to guess the situation this time.

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