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British Championships
I see Kai won this morning to have 4/5. There is a bit of a logjam at the top and Kai really has to win both his games to have a chance of the title. His next competitor is Guatam Jain, who played for board 2 in the English Glorney team and scored 2/2 against Kai. Remember that Robert the Bruce spider? Let's hope he can make it third time lucky,

Any idea what the outcome was for Kai?
Just come up as a loss for Kai I'm afraid. Hope he wins in the next round as 5/7 would be a great score nonetheless,

Just letting u know Sam Harper from Lanark club is playing in the U8's tomorrow

Ben Ridge in the U9's at the weekend.
when I left this morning the results I saw were

Daniel- draw
Matthew - draw
Kai - Loss Sad
Sam Harper 1 loss & 1 win
Jacqui Thomas Wrote:Kai - Loss Sad

Kai's opponent today, Zheming Zhang, is very highly rated South of the border. I'm sure, on a trip down to Middlesboro last year, that I heard that he was receiving coaching from IM Jonathan Hawkins.

Going by the time it took for the result to appear I'm guessing they were close to being the last pair to finish in their section and that Kai put up a good fight.

Zheming has been tipped as a hot prospect to be a future GM. I don't think I'll be a million miles away when I say that if Kai wants to, he'll achieve the same. The question is which of these two under 11's will get there first.
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David, Kai's game finished around midday.

Here are some photos

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Good photos Jacqui but who did Matt Turner borrow that tie from?
David G Congalton Wrote:I don't think I'll be a million miles away when I say that if Kai wants to, he'll achieve the same.

I agree. Big Grin
Clash of the U12 titans

The 2nd round of the U12 tournament brought together Kai & Monica to play each other.
The game lasted 3 hours & 45 mins with Kai taking the win.

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