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Alex Bruce RIP
I recently heard the sad news that Alex Bruce a past secretary of the Glasgow Chess League and a member of Netherton cc and Knightswood cc, had very recently passed away suddenly at the age of 97, a few weeks back.

I first met Alex who was a retired Headmaster and always the perfect gentleman, when we both served on the Glasgow League Mancom in the late 80s, although I had been good friends with his son Jim and daughter in law, Ann Bruce since the 70s. Jim was at that time an East Kilbride chess club member, who later played the occasional game for Knightswood along with Alex.

Alex who was still as bright as a button and physically good and active for his age, had moved into a flat in East Kilbride to be nearer Jim and Anne. But sadly, only two days after moving into the flat, Jim & Ann discovered him dead, in the flat.

Although I was pal's with Jim, I am sure that there will be quite a few chess players, who knew Alex better than I did and possibly served on the GCL or played chess with him at Knightswood cc and may wish to pay their respects to one of our best respected Gentlemen of Glasgow chess.

John Dykes
My condolences to Alex's family. I remember Alex when I first started to play in the Glasgow league in the early 80's

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