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MacQueen-Edwards Discussion Thread
Yup Brechin,

Basically wet myself and paniced. If someone had calmed me down and told me my position was fine still I'd have found d3. Still should have seen c5...
Enjoyed the chat - seems to be closer to what goes through most players heads than what those self-help books would like to suggest.

Would suggest that the 'panic' reaction is probably close to the mark and that the cause is the combination of a weak moved exploited by a move that takes immediate advantage. It is the opponents move that is what causes the panic.

Last time I played Jonny he resigned and then had to show me how he had chucked a piece - perhaps the same will happen again! :-)
Thanks for the entertaining game and commentary, guys.

I used to play the Marshall many years ago but I found it was leading to too many draws.
(Though with my current record as Black it might be worth giving it another go ... )
I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine

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