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SNCL Round 9 and AGM followed by Team Lightning
Sunday 21st, yes this Sunday is last round of SNCL for this season. PLEASE remember to bring all trophies and the Giant Killer shield.

Any matters for the AGM must be lodged with me before the last round begins. At present we will be discussing Fees for next year, format of the event and dates for next season.
Personally I am happy with the nine round FIDE event but the extra day and increase in Scottish grading fees plus expense of FIDE grading fees means I have to ask for a rise in team entry fee. It has stood at £100 for many years now but we are now seriously eating into our funds. Where else can your club get forty five games at just over two pounds a game?  

Look forward to seeing you all -- dogs (Millie, Murphy and Bailey) will be at their Auntie's but may be persuaded to make an appearance in the afternoon

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