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Chess books for sale
Hi folks,

I have approximately a hundred books which I'm making available for sale. The list is shown on the attached three pages. Titles are arranged by topic/price. The vast majority are priced at £5 per book or £20 for five books. A few are priced a little higher due to their fame, rarity etc.

Here are my terms of sale and other relevant information:
* Cost of postage will be passed on to buyers. 
* For the avoidance of confusion, the list shows the year when THIS EDITION was published – not when the original edition was first published.
* I have aimed to price these books sensibly, but prices are not set in stone. If it comes to my attention that certain titles can be purchased for significantly less elsewhere, I am open to negotiations on prices – especially for purchases involving many books.
* The condition of these books varies from almost new-looking to very well worn. I will provide relevant details about the condition of individual titles to prospective purchasers.
* I will ask for payment in advance by bank transfer.
* Lastly, being a ‘minor chess celebrity’ as an IM, author and Quality Chess editor, I am happy to sign a book or two in case this is of interest.
* On a related note, when organizing my books I realized I have one remaining author’s copy of my 2008 book “Starting Out: The Accelerated Dragon” which I can sell for the retail price of £16, including a personalised note and signature if desired.

Thanks for your attention and I hope these books, some of which have been with me since the 1980s, may go on to find new homes with some of you.

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