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Have I missed anything?
A couple of weeks ago I took advantage of the relaxation of Covid regulations to go on holiday to Crete. This was in the full knowledge that I already had 27 emails on the subject of Senior Teams and selections, and that there would also soon be a vote on Eligibility, both subjects fairly dear to my heart due to past involvement. I am also a (voluntary) member of Council, which is meant to oversee the actions of the Management but which hasn't met for a number of years for whatever reasons.

Because of the nature of the holiday (actually it was a 'nature' holiday, a small group with a professional guide, out in the field all day with no time for anything other than fairly strenuous planned activities, plus some necessary eating and sleeping). Naturally I didn't get round to reading anything on the forum or participating in any discussions on either subject. I just wanted to enjoy my holiday without distractions. I didn't even read the forum - after all, as Willlie said, nothing ever happens there any more.

Now that I am back I see all hell let loose, with those who care enough getting pretty agitated over 23 pages and then talk of AGMs, SGMs, the President taking time out, etc. Actually I'm glad I didn't get involved. Suffice to say that I have considerable admiration for all those volunteers who try to do an impossible job under the most trying of circumstances, and I also have respect for those who feel strongly enough to state their opinions, whether I agree with them or not.

Did I miss anything else?

As it happens despite being retired, like many others I also have a life outside of chess, and am currently involved in many other major projects in other fields. Now approaching my 75th birthday, I am as busy now as I can remember. So I have to prioritise things, and right now Chess Scotland is not even close to being top of my list. But I do hope to take part in any scheduled meetings, as and when I can, so that these might benefit from any experience I may have. And you can be sure I will be heavily involved in the forthcoming 200th Anniversary of the Edinburgh Club.

So best wishes to all, Alastair

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