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SNOCL and Chess Teams Challenge rules
updated rules and regulations for the SNOCL and Chess teams Challenge 
1. Games will be run on the team format using the teams setup provided by     
2. The SNOCL is a five man team event which will run , two rounds per day on a Sunday with dates already mentioned on the Chess Scotland Calendar and Chess Scotland website. The CTC is a four man team played two rounds on the same night between the same players using the teams format. 
3. For the Chess Teams Challenge (CTC), there will be two games per player, one Black and one White, Each game will last 20 minutes plus 5 second increment. For the Scottish National Online Chess League, the time control is 25 minutes plus 10 second increment. 
4. Games will be screened for fair play by Chess Scotland and graded on the Chess Scotland allegro grading system. 
5. The online league will be run based on the existent format of the typical over the board chess league.
6. In the case of a dispute on either tournament, there will be an initial attempt to resolve between the teams by the SOCO committee after the match, failing that an appeals committee shall be set up.
7. Games will be submitted for Chess Scotland Allegro grading.
8. It is envisaged at least one match is played each month, probably two matches per month, preferably during the week although weekend matches would be acceptable.
9. Any teams wishing a practice run should contact me and I will arrange friendlies.
10. If there is sufficient interest over the country then we will regionalise the leagues with a finals format. If not then will compile league based on playing strength.
11. Entries to be sent to 
12. The management system for the league will be the LMS system operated by the Scottish Online Chess Organisation, administered by Ian Brownlee and Willie Hulme
13.   All players will be required to have a user account and join the SOCO club on Anyone joining the SOCO online club should contact myself or Willie Hulme ( using their username, actual name and email address. Anyone aged 21 or under should also supply their year or birth. For the chess teams challenge, 
14. Clubs will also be required to set up their own online club at This is to facilitate the automatic challenge between clubs for the Chess Teams Challenge
15. Anyone who has their account suspended for any reason should contact the committee immediately. If the suspension is a result of violating either Chess Scotland or fair play procedures, then all games played by themselves will have the results of their individual games marked as a loss. 
16. We reserve the right to transfer teams between leagues according to average playing strength even if team is due promotion/relegation - to facilitate the smooth and fair distribution of teams / running of the tournament. 
17. Lastly, but not by all means least team captains will be responsible for having a good working knowledge of the systems for both tournaments, including ensuring each of their players are able to contact opponents, setting their opponent challenge level to infinity etc. There will be a zoom meeting on Tuesday 25th January at 7.30 pm for team captains to explain these fine details and to offer pre match assistance.
Here is the setup for the chess teams challenge. Sorry about the delay in announcing the division structures, we were giving teams who missed the boat the opportunity to play.
Willie Hulme will set the League Management System (to display the results)
Here's how it will work
Each home team captain will contact the other captain and arrange the game, the match is to be played on the home team's preference (preferred online match night) unless both teams agree another evening. For that night the home team sets up a challenge to the away captain. Both teams fill up the spaces (four) . When the match starts, there are two games (one white and one Black against the same player and this is done automatically by the software.) The match can be set up to the week and the players can withdraw or join the match at any time. The time control is twenty minutes plus 5 second increments which is set up by the home team captain
It has also been decided that there will be no entry fee this year for either the SNOCL or Chess Teams Challenge. As with the SNOCL all games will be governed by the Chess Scotland fair play policy and will be allegro graded.

Div.1 Div.2
xxxxxxxxx Lenzie A
Aberdeen A Lenzie B
Dundee A Aberdeen B
Pentland A Pentland B
Stepps Hamilton
Dundee B Strathclyde
Troon Govanhill

Any questions, contact me by email or by mobile 07899 832770

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